Throughout the internet are various sites that specialize in making and taking quizzes. These can vary from personality quizzes to movie quizzes, and everything in between. If you are interested in how or where to make a quiz then you are in the right place. By the end of this article you will be well on your way to that goal.

Things You Will Need

- internet

-5-30 minutes of your time

-Your brain :)

Step 1

The first step to making a quiz is deciding where you are going to make it. There are dozens of sites to choose from but one of the most popular is Here all you have to do is sign up, then you are free to make all the quizzes you want. You might also decide to check and see if any of the forums you are on have a board dedicated to quizzes.

Step 2

After you have chosen where your quiz is going to be posted, you have to decide what type of personality quiz it is going to be. You might have a person's personality based on their favorite colors, favorite activities to do when it is sunny/rainy, how they approach problems in their lives, or even what your favorite animal is. Your quiz might be "What type of day you are" or "What vegetable you are" The possibilities are endless!

Step 3

Now that you have chosen your questions, simply input them in the question boxes. The answers people respond with should be multiple choice, and try to have a wide variety of the answers you allow. On questions that may have a broad range of answers I suggest having an 'all of the above' and/or 'other' options, because it is impossible to have all the possible answers in a single quiz.

Step 4

Finally you need to choose results. Add pictures and descriptions for what the person's result was. The more options for results you have and the more work you put into them often depicts how popular a quiz will become, so be creative.

All that is left to do now is to wait and see what people think of your quiz.

Step 5

This is an example quiz.

Title: What type of day are you?

Question 1: What is your favorite color?


b) blue

c) green

d) yellow

Question 2: What is your favorite season?

a) Summer

b) Winter

c) Fall

d) Spring

Question Three: What is your favorite animal?

a) Dawn

b) Deer

c) Cat

d) Owl

e) Snake

My answers are C, C, and D". The answer would depend on what type of quiz it is. Since mine is about what type of day you are my Result would be:

"You are midnight. You often find yourself sneaking out to simply gaze at the moon, hear owls hooting in the trees, and feeling the chill night air on your face. Winter, the darkest time of the year is your favorite, as you simply thrive under the cover of darkness."

By following the above instructions and your own intuition you will be creating quizzes like a pro in no time. Remember not to stress out if something doesn't seem perfect, the process is often the best part and you will have no fun if you worry about what people will think of it.

Tips & Warnings

-The work you put into making a quiz pays off. If possible try to add pictures and descriptive texts to make it more fun for someone taking the quiz, and don't be afraid to make a joke or two in your posts.

-Warning: Some sites have limitations to what you can make a quiz on, be sure to check the rules before posting.