What are you doing with your life? Are you sowing good seeds or seeds of destruction? Wait! Before you answer this question, ask yourself, "If my child or loved one wanted to be like me, would I want him or her to be, or would I be happy or embarrassed?" If your answer is 'embarrassed,' you are sowing seeds of destruction. Now-is the time to start creating a positive legacy, one where you and your children can be proud. Following are four steps to creating a positive legacy.

Things You Will Need

* Commitment

* Values & Morals

Step 1

family legacy

Understand that your life is not your own. You have a greater purpose; therefore, understand that the seeds you are sowing will sprout, with either negative or positive results.

Step 2

Understand that each generation should surpass the previous generation. What are you doing to help the next generation succeed? Often times, messed-up parents produce messed-up kids. What are you producing? Do you need to make some changes?

Step 3

Understand that, as parents, we sow our own values and morals into our kids' lives. No- it should not be 'do as I say.' Your kids are watching you; you should lead by example, not by your words. In sum, you should model the life that you want your kids to have, privately and publically. Be about it, rather than just talk about it. Words are cheap; your life tells me more about you.

Step 4

To err may be human, but stop using this as an excuse to continue doing wrong. Start today in creating a positive legacy. Other lives, besides your own, are at stake.

The seeds which you are planting in others' lives are sprouting. Make sure that you are planting seeds in which you can be proud.

Tips & Warnings