When you work from home one of the most important things that you have going for you is time. Since you are no longer sitting in traffic trying to get to an office, you have even more time then you would usually have in order to earn a living. This can be a good thing. However, many people often find that it can also be a bad thing.

Since there is no distinction between being on the clock or having personal time like in a brick and mortar job, many who work from home find themselves losing their precious personal time. The easy answer to this issue is to create a schedule. It is very easy to do and will help you to enjoy one of the reasons that you made this career move, more time.

Step One

Sit down with a day planner or an online scheduling template that you can reference. Some people work better with a book where they can physically write down what they are going to do at what time and so forth. There are however many great online schedule tools that you can use so that you always have your information right at your finger tips.

Step Two

Determine how many hours a day that you need to devote to your work from home job. Some positions like call centers might have a set number of hours a day that you must be on the phones. There are other positions like freelance writing that are much more flexible on when you can get your projects done.

One of the best ways to determine how much time that you need to devote each day is to figure out how much cash that you need to earn each day. When you have this number, you can either divide by the number of hours or tasks that you would need to complete to get to this number. If you are going per task, the next part is to decide how much time each task will take you.

Step Three

Many people who are just starting out with work from home find that it is easier for them to schedule their "own the clock time" when they would have usually been in the office like 9 to 5. Remember to factor in a lunch break and any other times that you might need to do something else like pick up the children.

Step Four

Write it all out in the system that you are going to use to keep your schedule for your work from home job in. One of the best things to then do is to color code the blocks of time. This will make it very easy to see at a glance what you should be working on at any moment of the day.

Step Five

Stick to the schedule and finish up all of your tasks by the quitting time that you have listed in your schedule. Just because you can do more later on for your work from home, it does not mean that it is in your best interest. You need some you time. Whether that is time with your loved ones or just you curling up with a good book. Just because you work from home, it does not mean that you should be all work and no play.