An Easy Way to Make a Slogan

In this article, you will learn how to make a slogan for your brand or company, or maybe even a school project. First, here are some examples:

If your company's name is "Candy Power" You could use- Need a sour treat? Try Candy Power, it's sweet!

If it's  "Powersoft" Try need that vacation time? Try Powersoft for hours off.

If it's "Orange Co." Your slogan could be Use Orange Co. for that syringe doe.

An Idea for "Manipulators Electronics" would be Get some Calculators for super sonics with Manipulators Electronics.

The Main Idea for most slogans is try to make a clever rhyme. You could come up with one pretty easily if your a good freestyle rapper. However, some slogans don't require rhymes, here are some examples-

If you have a company that sells skateboard bearings, you can try Speed is the key to success.

If you have one that sells womens clothing and its name is "fushia" one you could try is even just  fushia, you woud only have to find someone who sounds russian or get a guy or girl with some other accent.

If you can't come up with a slogan yourself, I would try getting a freestyle rapper to come up with one. The reason I say freestyle rapper is they can come up with rhymes in an instant.

One thing I would like to emphasize is, you don't need to make the slogan rhyme, as long as it's clever, then you're in good shape.

Another comment- if you can't come up with an exact rhyme with the word, come up with a word that sounds like it rhymes with the word if you "bend" the word. Just like my example above, where I made orange sound like it rhymed with syringe.

To finish it off, I'll give you a bunch of words that rhyme.

Cheese, jeez(jeez is a real word), ease, please, freeze, fees, flees, frieze, squeeze, sneeze, fleas, seize, bees, trees, wheeze, tweeze, tease.

High, bye, sigh, don't cry, why, die ,lie ,good try, thigh, thy, why, dye, bi, fly, guy.

Bee, tree, be, see, lee, tea, wee, agree, dee, cree, banshee.

Wraith, faith, eighth, saith(definition:third person, in a present tense).

trace, ace, face, lace, shoe lace, place, mace, space.

In conclusion, try to make the slogan clever. This will help greatly in sales, or a grade on your product.