Sign Up/Sign In to Feedburner

  1. Go to and sign in with your Google account.  If you don’t have a Google Account, you can quickly create one.

Sign Up/Sign In to Feedburner(45499)Credit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

2.  From the Feedburner main page, you can “burn” or add a new feed to your Feedburner account or select and configure a blog you’ve already “burned” (added to Feedburner feeds).  Select the blog to which you’d like to add a Subscribe Via Email link.

Feedburner main pageCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

Publicize Email Subscriptions

3.  Select the Publicize tab and select Email Subscriptions > Subscription Management.  (Activate the service if this is the first time you’ve accessed subscriptions for this blog feed.)

Note:  If you scroll WAY down and drill through a couple of links, you can also View Subscriber Details and see who is subscribing to your feeds.

Publicize email subscriptionsCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

Copy Code or Create a Widget

4.  As you scroll down, select your preferred language.  Then, you can configure a subscription FORM or a subscription LINK to subscribe to your feeds via email.

a.  To create a subscription FORM, you can either copy the html code provided and paste it on to your blog or website, or you can select Blogger or TypePad to create a widget to be placed on your blog.

b.  If you scroll down a bit further, you can copy the html code or create a subscription LINK widget to subscribe to your blog feeds.

Copy code or create widget for FORM or LINKCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

5.  When you select Blogger or TypePad and click Go! to create your widget, select the desired blog, adjust the title of the widget as desired, and click ADD WIDGET.  (If you want to customize the code a bit now, you can click Edit Content to do so.  You can also change this code later once the widget has been added to your blog.)

Add WidgetCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

Use the Subscribe Via Email Widget

6.  If you are already logged in to your blog, the widget will be added to our Design > Page Elements.  Move the widget to the desired location and Preview the results. 

Place the widget in the desired locationCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

7.  If you’d like, you can click Edit to modify the html code of the widget.  Save and Preview the blog design until you have the desired results.

Edit HTML CodeCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks

Your end result will be a clean, easy link or form on your blog allowing your readers the opportunity to subscribe via email for blog post updates.

Subscribe via email exampleCredit: cdclocksCredit: cdclocks