Adwords is just another one of the many different ways available on the web to make a buck. Unless you take the time to create your ads to a very targeted audience, you won't make much money and may lose some.

Things You Will Need

Google Adwords Account

Step 1

Make sure that the product that you are advertising is something that you are passionate about. If you don't care about your product then how are supposed to convince other people that it is great.

Step 2

Choose your keywords carefully. Just because a keyword is searched heavily, doesn't mean it is the best choice for your product.

Step 3

Do keyword research. Go to Google's Adwords Keyword tool and research which keywords cost the most and how much traffic and competition they have. You will want to target a niche audience with a low amount of competition. This will help reduce the cost of your ads while raising the conversion rate.

Step 4

When writing your advertisement, try to use as many of the keywords in your ad as possible without making it look stuffed. This will help more people to click on your ad because when they search for something the words that they searched for will be bold in the advertisement.

Step 5

Make sure that you write an ad that you would click on yourself. If you find it appealing, then others will too.

Step 6

Send copies of your ad to friends and family to get ideas. It is always good to get outside influence. Think of this as a test panel.


Tips & Warnings