How to Create a Successful Mommy Blog: Why You Will Fail

If you have heard about mothers making a living blogging about their struggles, about their kids; about their crazy kids; and the other useless lump of flesh living in the house and paying the bills (aka husband), you will be forgiven if you decide to start a blog. There are so many mommy blogs out there that are successful but there are even more that are just a complete waste of space. Some will say that mommy blogging is saturated and you should move on.

Is mommy blog saturated?

The answer is maybe and probably. That said, it doesn’t mean you can just start a blog and make money out of it. There are a lot reasons why people read mommy blogs. At times, it is just out of boredom or for entertainment. Others read mommy blogs because they can relate to what is written and they want to share their experiences. There is still a market for mommy bloggers but if you don’t know what you are doing, you will fall along the way like many. The key is, know what you want to achieve and what you are doing (What???).

Why you will fail or Succeed

A lot of new comers to the blogging world think they’ve got a lot to say and putting their thoughts to words through their blog is a way to communicate with others and be successful. The fact is different and simple; if you’ve got nothing refreshing to offer, you will fail. Your readers determine what they consider refreshing.

It has to be said that not everyone blogs to make money or a living. Others do it as a hobby. The problem with blogging as a hobby is that you will eventually lose momentum and drift away from blogging. That is because a blog without readers is depressing. You will wonder why nobody is commenting and reading your blog. That is probably because you have seen other mommy blogs with loads of comments and activities. You need to understand that, for people to read what you have to say and comment, they need to like what they  have read and feel the need to give their input (that takes time).

Pictures: Putting pictures of your children on your blog is fine because you are a mother and you want to share with others. The fact is, most people don’t really care about your children. The pictures might be cute but it is not enough to get them involved. Writing about every little thing that your children did during the day and how funny they are is only interesting to you. You need to put what readers will find interesting and engaging. Posting pictures alone is not interesting enough.

Food: Cooking for your children and how difficult children can be is also another thing to write about. However, telling people that your children love to eat pizzas and fries is not going to cut it. If you want readers, you need to write about things that will help other parents in similar situations. If your child has eating problems (lactose intolerance) and you have been able to create recipes that works for you. That might be really appealing to others dealing with the same issues. You will have to keep your readers updated about your failures and successes. That will encourage people to comment and give feedbacks. It is a case of give and take.

Mommy blog: General stuff

Your mommy blog doesn’t always have to be about helping other mothers. The most compelling blogs are often about blatant honesty and controversy. If you know, you will understand. At times, you need to say things that others can only think about. For example, if your child wouldn’t cooperate and you have a hard time dealing with this, you can tell you readers how you feel. If you want readers to hate and love you at the same time, you need to tell them how you almost strangled the little devil but you stop because it is wrong to kill on a Sunday. At times it helps to be schizophrenic when you have a mommy blog. You can be praising everyone in your family in one post and threatening to put your children up for sale on e-Bay in the next one (don’t worry! a lot of mothers feel the same). That is the reality of being a mother and a wife. If you are not crazy enough, you will fall in the vast mix of mommy blogs on the internet. You need to be edgy, straight talking (writing), funny and business like (money talks).

Mommy blog: Disabled children and Depressed Children

This is another part of parenting that is often unplanned. You have a disabled child and all your dreams and hopes come crashing down. It is not the child’s fault and neither is it yours. There isn’t much you can do about what has happened. Nevertheless, you can share your experience and make something positive out of it. You should not come across as a “sad person”. People like to be inspired; you need to be truthful but realistic. Don’t be a superwoman. That is something you see in the movies. People with disabled children often want to connect with others.  If you can share that with others and combine other points mentioned in this article, you will get readers to your blog.

Mommy blog names

What’s in a name? Nothing! Choosing a good name for your blog can help but it is not the most important thing. Think about the Redneck Mommy, Dooce and many others. If you have a name like “Insane Mommy”, it can actually help set the tone for your blog and determine how you approach what you write.

Persevere and learn as you go

Most of those who have successful mommy blogs didn’t start out that way. It takes time and a lot of effort to get things going. If you are not willing to put the time and persevere, you will become irrelevant.

How long will it take to start making money from your mommy blog?

 You can start making money from the first month. However, that doesn’t often happen because you don’t know what you are doing. Most mommy bloggers have learned what works best with time. You will have to do the same. You can learn by reading what others have been through. It doesn’t mean you will be immediately successful. It just means it will reduce your learning curve.

How much will you make from your mommy blog?

You need to be realistic, if it was that easy to make money blogging, everyone will be doing it. If you know the basics of SEO and affiliate marketing, you can start making about $100 per month in about 3 months. That said, it can take up to a year to see constant results. The problem is not because mommy blogging isn’t profitable; it is because it takes time to learn everything you need to succeed.

Finally, if you have a boring mind, your mommy blog will fail.