Wordpress is best known as a tool that allows people to create and maintain a blog without knowledge of HTML, PHP, or any other internet coding language. It is also possible to use Wordpress to build a traditional website, also called a static website. This means that a visitor will see the same page each time he or she navigates to your site. This static page will not change often, if at all. This is unlike the front page of a blog, which shows the latest posts and could change many times a day if new posts appear that often. Using Wordpress to create and maintain a static website is like using a traditional content management system (CMS). A CMS is designed to allow a website owner to manage the site content using only a web browser, but it is not designed to work as a blog out of the box. An example of a traditional CMS is Joomla. Building a traditional Wordpress website is no more difficult than using Wordpress as a blogging tool. Steps are as follows:

1. Register a domain name, and open a web hosting account that meets the system requirements for Wordpress. Look for a hosting provider that features a one-click Wordpress installation. Consult with your hosting provider about how to proceed with the one-click installation.

2. Log in to the administrative account after you have installed Wordpress. Your Wordpress dashboard will load. Click the "Pages" menu item on the left, and then click "Add new." A form will load that will allow you to create a static page.

3. Give your new page a title, and add the body. Notice the toolbar of buttons between the title and body fields. These buttons make it possible for you to insert media such as images or audio into your page. You can also apply formatting such as bold or italics to selected text. There are even buttons that let you create links and form other elements that you might find on a typical web page. When you have finished creating your page, click the "Publish" button to the right.

4. Click the "Settings" menu item on the left, and then click "Reading." The reading settings panel will load. You should see a group of option buttons entitled "Front page displays." Click "A static page (select below)." Select the static page you just created from the "Front page" drop-down list. If this is a new Wordpress installation, the only pages that you should see on the list are the one you just created and another page entitled "About." Click the "Save changes" button. You now have a traditional Wordpress website instead of a blog.

5. Optionally, you can add a blog to your new static site. Create a new page called "Posts" or "Blog", and then select this page from the "Posts page" drop-down list of the reading settings panel. Click to save your changes again. You now have a blog on your Wordpress website.