For most, the hardest thing about creating a good weight loss program is starting it, and getting into a routine. Here's how to overcome the challenge of motivating yourself and finding a routine that works for you.

Get in Shape

Things You Will Need

  • Running shoes; running with any other shoes increase wear and tear on your legs and just aren't as comfortable while running.
  • MP3 player; most use IPods because they are easy and reliable.
  • A Buddy

Step 1

Running - Find the best time for you. The best time for most people is first thing in the morning because usually there's nothing else scheduled for that time, except for sleep. All it takes is waking up about a half hour earlier. Set a goal of how far you want to run in that time and lengthen the distance once you have met the goal. Mix up the route you take while running. Running the same route every time will become boring. Avoid running on a treadmill, it is much easier, because the ground is moving under you so you are using less force to run. Running first thing in the morning will also make you feel better throughout the day. Once you finish your run, have a healthy meal for breakfast. Running is very important for any weight loss program. Cardiovascular exercise is very good for your health and will help you lose weight.

Step 2

Upper body - Some people want to get an upper body workout along with a cardiovascular workout. It is possible to do both at the same time. While running, every half mile, stop and do a set of push ups, pull-ups, crunches, or any workout of this sort. Another option for an upper body workout is to set aside another part of the day to lift weights. A popular time for this is during lunch hour or right after work. Make sure if you are lifting weights for bulk that you have a buddy to spot you and that you work out every muscle group evenly. For example; working your chest more than your back can create spinal problems and back pain.

Step 3

Front PlankPlanks - Planks are a very effective way to work out your core. The idea is to support your own weight for a certain amount of time, keeping a straight back and good posture throughout the exercise. There are a few variations of these. One is the pushup position. Another variation is called the front plank; just like the pushup position except you will be on your forearms with your hands below your head. For a side plank you will be on one elbow or forearms and the side of your feet. All of these are great core and abdominal workouts and should be included in any workout routine. Improved posture and loss of belly fat and firm abs will come from this.

Step 4

MP3 Player - To many people this is vital to a workout routine. It can help keep your mind off of the pain you will be enduring and will help the workout flow. Choose some of your old favorites along with new ones, but keep them all upbeat.

Tips & Warnings

Take a before photo. It always helps to be able to compare with what you looked like before to keep yourself motivated. Also make sure you incorporate a rest day into your routine.