Creating wine glasses or simple drinking glasses from empty wine bottles saves a little space in our recycling centers and helps you make unique wine glass gift sets.

Things You Will Need

* Clean, empty wine bottles

* Bottle cutter

* Sand paper


Step 1

Make sure the bottles are clean and the labels have been removed.

Using the bottle cutter instructions - cut the bottles at a point where the sides become completely straight.

Step 2

Wearing the gloves use a coarse sand paper to sand the top edges of the cut glass. Then finish with a fine grain sand paper until they are perfectly smooth.

There are other methods to cut glass, use whatever method is best for you.

The glasses can be painted with craft paints or glass paint. They can also be etched or personalized.

Step 3

Create a gift set by putting wine accessories , such as a cork screw or other tool and even snacks, into each glass, then wrap them in cellophane or plastic wrap and tie a bow around the top.

These make delightful holiday or hostess gifts.

You won't be able to create champagne glasses but these glasses can also be used as flower vases or regular drinking glasses.

The remainder of the glass from each bottle can be broken up into pieces and used as decorative mosiac material.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear the gloves when cutting and sanding the glass edges.