How to Track Adsense Earnings

What is an Adsense URL Channel?

Google Adsense users should learn how to make an Adsense URL channel to track earnings and article performance. An Adsense URL channel displays page views, clicks, click through rate (CTR), page eCPM, and estimated earnings for a single article or an entire site.  Analyzing data from Adsense URL channels and Google Analytics is important. 

How the Adsense URL Channel Will Improve Earnings

Internet marketing is highly competitive.  There is only one #1 spot on Google.  Writers and website owners need to track article performance, replicate successes, and optimize content to give earnings a boost.

A Google Adsense URL channel makes it possible to track Adsense earnings.  Google allows a maximum of 200 Adsense URL channels.  Adsense publishers can track an entire domain (, a section of the domain (, or a specifc URL or page (article URL).  Adsense URL channels will show which article earns the most, get the most views, has the best CTR, and the highest eCPM. 

How to Create an Adsense URL Channel to Track an Article - InfoBarrel

New InfoBarrel members only have access to Adsense.  Create an Adsense URL to track individual article performance and overall InfoBarrel earnings. InfoBarrel members can use Google Analytics after writing 10 articles. Google Adsense and Google Analytics are separate programs.

How to Create URL Channels in Google Adsense

Follow these steps to create an Adsense URL channel in the new interface:

Log in to Google Adsense then click:

Performance Reports 

URL Channels (on the left side)

+ Add URLs to track

Add URL(s) without http://www.

How to Set Up URL Channels in Google Adsense (new Adsense interface)Credit: jpwriter

Make sure to click URL Channels. Do not choose custom channels because that is for testing Adsense ad placement

What Adsense URL Channels Should InfoBarrel Members Track?

An Adsense URL channel list of someone writing articles for revenue share sites should look like this:  a URL channel for InfoBarrel (, (, Hubpages (, Squidoo (, Seekyt (, Infopirate (, Webanswers (, plus URLs for individual articles, blogs, and personal websites.

Create an Adsense URL channel to track individual articles and earning across the site.  Add to track earnings for all InfoBarrel articles. Create a basic site Adsense URL channel for each website using Adsense ads.  Log into Google Adsense to view earnings.  Click on the "performance reports" tab to view the earnings and stats for the URL channels.

More About InfoBarrel Earnings and Tracking Articles

InfoBarrel splits Adsense and Amazon revenue 75% with members.  Revenue split is frequently misunderstood. The site shares earnings by rotating member and site Adsense publisher IDs on an article's ads.  When InfoBarrel's Adsense publisher ID shows the site gets 100% of ad click earnings and vice versa.

InfoBarrel has a high earning potential if members are willing to dig in, study the ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO) world, apply SEO tips for writing articles, and learn keyword research.  It sounds like a lot, and it is.  Writing online is a process of learning and adapting.  Writers who strive for quality content (guidelines from Google) can increase InfoBarrel earnings and make money writing at other content sites like Seekyt.  Many members use InfoBarrel to learn the keyword research and SEO ropes then seek their own niche websites.  Diversify income streams, set goals, ask questions, and re-assess constantly for success.    

Since Adsense data is viewable in Google Analytics it isn't necessary to use all 200 Adsense URL channels. Using Analytics frees Adsense URL channels. Make a URL channel for a newly published articles to quickly check their performance.  

Google Analytics is a statistical gold mine. Setting up Analytics is fairly simple.  Google Analytics shows Adsense data when members link Adsense and Analytics accounts.  If Adsense data doesn't show after 24-48 hours, repeat the linking process, and double-check everything.

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