"How to Create an Animation Flip Book"

Create your very own fast-action "story" with your imagination. Stick to a single idea that unfolds as your drawings progress then after doing the main action on every page, you can go back and add more detail, background, and color. Flipbook


** Originally, animators had to redraw every scene when animating, just like you had done for your flip book. Today, it still takes a lot of people to make the movement of all the characters you would see in a Disney movie. Full length movies require as many as 65,000 pictures!

What to do

1. Think of an action that can be drawn as if it were in slow motion. It shouldn't need words to be clear.

2. Draw a picture to start your action on the last page of the pad, near the bottom of the page. Go over the picture with dark lines so you can see it when you flip the page.

3. Go to the next-to-last page and, using your previous drawing as a guide, make a second drawing that continues the action. (Think of the progress of a cartoon.) Be sure the drawing isn't too different from the first, or the drawings will seem to skip around when you flip your book.

4. Continue from the back forward, moving the action a little further along on each new page. Let the story unfold slowly.(It will seem fast when the book is flipped.)

5. Keep the action moving for about 20 pages, or until your "story" is done.

6. Now, flip through your book from back to front and watch the action!

Animation Tips

A. Balls bouncing and being thrown.

B. Drops of water falling and splashing.

C. A person walking, dancing, or doing jumping jacks.

D. A plant growing, blooming, and dying.

E. A skater spinning.

F. A horse galloping over a hurdle

G. Japanese Anime is used for kids' fairy tales. You can find more on this subject at www.anime.com.

All you will need is paper and a pencil.

Computers now make the animation process much faster, of course, and the new technology makes for some awesome animation. Watch the older cartoon's, like Bugs Bunny and see what difference you notice between the animation in these cartoon classics and today's animated movies.

Things You Will Need

All you will need is paper and a pencil.

Make Your Own Animation

*What you will need.*

Animation is lots of fun – give it a try!

Tips & Warnings