Getting Ready to Rock!

Caustic is the digital audo workstation from Android smartphones and tablets.  At least that's what I'm going to claim.  No other software at the time of this article's writing gives you so much on-the-go, musical creative ability.  Caustic is well suited to electronic music, but doesn't mean that you can't also get some suprisingly authentic sound of it as well.  With the right presets, settings and effects, you can generate some really gritty and believable electric guitar sounds, and even control and record it's characteristics in realtime.

So grab you Android-powered device, fire up Caustic, and let's get started!

Organic Bass!

Guaranteed GMO-Free!

First thing you'll need is to do is acquire the "Dance & Dubstep Pocket Kit" by EIPStudiosOhio, found on Google Play.  The screenshot of the pack is below, so you can make sure you get the right one.  This sound pack is full of great presets that we can have a lot of fun with by applying effects and various PCMSynth-specific controls to.  It's just a buck, and the sounds will work with future versions of Caustic as well.  

Dance & DubstepCredit: EIP Studios Ohio

Once you have installed the Dance & Dubstep Kit, open a PCMSYNTH and load the preset called 'ORGANICBASS1'.

PCMSynth Organicbass 1

Setup the Filter and LFO sections as I have them shown above.  Make sure you use the sine wave waveform for your LFO, select 'CUTOFF' for what the LFO will control, and select 'BANDPASS' for the filter.

Under the filter section, the cutoff and resonance amount settings are really up to you and what you like.  Actually, it all is!  But start with what I've shown above for now, and tweak it to be your very own later.

Distortion Effects!

We'll be using 2 effects found in Caustic to pull this off.  Both are the Distortion effect, but we'll use a different program for each one.  For my song "Gritty", I have the effects setup as shown below:

Gritty Guitar Effects

Make Some Noise!

Bring up the PCMSYNTH piano roll screen for the 'Organicbass1' preset.  Let's put in the following notes for our distorted guitar riff:

Distortion Guitar Riff

Make sure your playback mode is set to 'PATTERN', and press PLAY.  Make your tempo something like 100 BPM, or whatever seems right to you.

Now return to the PCMSYNTH main screen, and start adjusting the following during playback:

  • FILTER Sliders for CUTOFF and RES
  • RATE dial for the LFO

I would advise playing around with these controls while listening to how the sound is changed until it becomes familiar to you.  Then, after you get a guitar riff written that you like, you can record these slider and dial changes in real-time, which is how you make the instrument sound more realistic.

Great Device to Use with Caustic

If you need an Android tablet, I can't say enough good stuff about the Asus Memo Pad 7HD.  For under 2 bills, this thing offers a lot, and Caustic works great on it.  Its doesn't require a contract either.  Check it out over at Amazon!



Best Bang for the Buck

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A great tablet to use with Caustic!