About Voki

Voki lets you create your own speaking character for free.  Voki is created by Oddcast and is located in New York City.  Yes, the site is free to use and will always be free, you just have to register to enjoy the features of the site.  Creating your own talking avatar is really fun and easy and you can create many Voki characters on your account.    

To register an account, you must be 13 years and older.  Click on the Register button and fill in the information needed in the appropriate spaces.  You have to activate your account when you received an activation email from Voki to enjoy the features of the site. 

There are available tutorials for those users who want to know more on how to operate Voki. They also got interesting tips and mini-tutorials on their blog. 


What can you do with Voki

If you go to their site, you will see three tabs above on the right side corner namely: Voki, Voki Classroom and Voki Presenter. 

To start creating your speaking avatar click Create. To create a character style in Voki you can select from their library of characters.  You can also select from random characters and edit them or you can customize your own character. They have many styles of characters among them are classic, toons, anime, animals, edgy, oddballs, randoms, VIP, politics, holiday, digimon, dogs, cats, 3G, world, beach, monsters, smiles and fantasy. You can also choose the gender of your character.

You can change the size of the mouth, nose, body, height and width.  You can change the color of the eyes, skin and hair. You can also change the head, the clothing and the bling. Remember to click done to save your work.

If you do not want the background of your picture, you can change it and choose from their library.  They have various collections from nature, animated, holidays, obscure, sports, indoors, night life, city view, outdoors and travel backgrounds. You can upload your own background if you still do not like their collections of backgrounds.        

You can also choose a theme for your picture.  Themes are located in players tab.

After creating and choosing your own character, you will need to add a voice on your character.  You will not be able to continue if you will not create a voice on your character. You can record by phone, text to speech, record with microphone and you can also upload an audio file.  I think text to speech is the easiest one, the voice of their characters will also depend on the characters you choose, if it is male or female.  You can choose from 29 accents or languages namely: English, Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.  You will really be amazed when you hear the characters talk with the language you choose. And not only that, you can also add an effect on your voice like bullhorn, chipmunk, dimwit, echo, lowride, reverb, speedy, slow, squeeky, T-pain and whisper.

After you finished creating your speaking character you can now publish your work.  After clicking the publish tab, there is a pop up window with a message informing you that you have created a Voki Character. You can access your previously created character directly in the editing environment. Export your character to your favorite social networks, blogs and sites or you can use your character in Voki games.  You can sign up or just choose no, thanks, if you want to just continue with your work.  Another pop up window will appear informing you that your scene has been saved.  Close that window and you can now share your Voki or send to your friend.  You can set the size of your Voki to small, medium and large.

You can share it with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WordPress and Blogger, you just need to copy the permalink that Voki created.  You can even grab the code and place it on your webpage.

You can also embed Voki in your Powerpoint presentations and Smart notebook.  You can also put it on your Google site. 

Voki Tutorial

Voki Classroom

Voki created Voki Classroom to help teachers manage their classroom and their students.  You must have a Voki account to get a Voki Classroom account. There are many packages available to fit your needs. You can find more about Voki Classroom with their products page. 

Voki Presenter

Voki Presenter is designed to enhance the way teachers teach their class.  It is a presentation tool for Voki that allows students to insert a Voki character into their slides. To get a Voki Presenter account, you must have an account with them. Click on the GetVoki Presenter button and follow the instructions to get an account.

Have a question?

You can contact them and they are always there for you.  You can e-mail them if you have any problem, suggestion and feedback. They encourage users to send them feedback on their experience with Voki.  You can go to Feedback tab which is located on the side of the screen. You can share an idea, ask a question and praise their product.

You cannot use Voki for your business because it is intended solely and exclusively for personal and non-commercial use.  But they have a product called SitePal that allow website owners to get custom avatars on their site.  It is based on monthly membership.     

What can I say?

There are many photo editing sites and sites that you can create your avatar online but for me Voki is one of the best sites on this field. One of the best feature of the site is creating a speaking avatar.  So if you wanted to create a new avatar and wanted to impress others with your presentations, website and other social media sites and be cool why not try this site and experiment on creating your own talking avatar.