A cluttered and boring website will never get you any business. The solution devised to remedy poor web designs is called an Instant website...

Instant websites are an easy, fast solution to those whose expertise is best applied elsewhere in the field of online entrepreneurship. Building an instant website with purpose, clear links, images, and a way of funneling past-and-future customers will serve to bring your business to new levels of growth.

1. State your purpose for the instant website.

Find out the result you expect from your website, and write it out in a diagram that is easy to understand. You'll use this as a guide map to producing an interesting, customer-centric home page that will lead them through to your purchase point, or other goal. At this stage, it's good to already have a title for the site or blog, an image or presence you wish to give customers. Additionally, having stock images and copy is important as well.

2. Find a great instant website provider.

Some offer the service for free but clutter your site with advertisements and other pop ups that will distract--if not completely disinterest--the customer who visits. It's important to choose a solution that is also easy to use. Writing complex lines of code is not your job, it's getting a platform out quickly, and to have it effectively recruiting customers, or moving toward a goal. Blogger.com is a great instant web page maker- one simply has to learn how to use templates, and it's free!

3. Customize the instant website.

Begin using the customization tools and inserting images, copy, etc. At this point it is crucial to stay focused. If there is copy that does not fit or distracts from the easiest, fastest communication route for customers to follow - remove it. It may be hard at first to streamline the site, but it will lead to a more general site that is adaptable to the varying reasons that a customer may visit. Be careful not to go to far with the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid method...if customers are looking for a technical product, or technical information -- include what's relevant with plenty of More Information links, if needed.

4. Begin to test.

Google's Analytics is a free tool designed to keep track of goals for every person who visits your site. Learn to use it in the most basic way: What are people searching for on Google, which leads them directly to your site? Then optimize your site to better match those searches. Add those particular key words, increase pages with those key words, and link them to your Goal Landing Page--where your customer will see a shopping cart, some selection, or other goal.


Building a website that is both dependable on a long-term basis as a customer recruiting tool, and as a marketing front, can be difficult and very challenging without a team of design experts. Using instant web site creation tools, you can produce an effective marketing platform for your business that leads to profits, long-term visibility for your blog, brand, personality and other online-based service.