Create an Unforgettable Valentine's Day Getaway for Your Sweetheart!

Are you looking for something super special for your Valentine that will be memorable long after the day is over?

Skip the flowers that won't lasCreate a Valentines Day GetawayCredit: istockphoto.comt a week, the candy that just adds calories and weight or the unwanted trinkets. Your Valentine wants YOU! Give a truly unforgettable Valentine's Day gift with a getaway retreat for you and your loved one this year. This idea is suitable for a man or woman to do - be the creative romantic! Make plans for an overnight stay at a local hotel and surprise your loved one with these easy to do and very thoughtful steps:



Things You'll Need:


ability to keep a secret







desire for romance

Step 1

Make reservations at a local hotel

Planning is key:
You'll want this to be a big surprise for your Valentine and it's one of my favorite ways to surprise my sweetie. Yours will love it too!
Call around your own city and find a nice hotel to make reservations at the best and most luxurious place you can find and afford. Usually around Valentine's Day, many of the hotels offer substantial savings, special discounts and include something else such as dinner, breakfast, chocolates or champagne included with your stay.

Step 2

Find free entertainment

Try to find a local hotel that has a lounge with free entertainment for the evening. Your loved one will think you'll just be going out dancing or listening to music... but, you know there's more!

Step 3

Pack lightly

Once you have the hotel reservations booked, decide what clothing items to pack in an overnight bag keeping it sexy and simple. You'll need to pack for both of you but, pack while they're at work or away so you can keep it a surprise. Just remember not to pack the favorite clothing item that they may want for your Valentine's date.

Step 4

Include romantic candles, oils, music, champagne

Add the romance: scroll down to see my favorite must haves for a romantic weekend!
Pack other items to make your overnight getaway full of love, romance, fun and be most memorable:
Scented candles
Wine or Champagne or favorite non alcoholic beverage
Massage oil

Body exfoliating scrub
Body lotions
Healthy snacks

Step 5

Getting ready:
Pre-pack the trunk of your car while your Valentine isn't looking or just pre-register in advance earlier in the day at the hotel so you can already have the room ready and key in hand.

Step 6

Present the hotel key in a gift box

Bring a small box with a bow on it and place the hotel room key in it so you can present it to your Valentine later in the evening during dinner or the entertainment! Won't your Valentine be surprised!

Step 7

Let the romance begin

Enjoy each other:
Spend the evening in the hotel room focusing only on your loved one, no TV allowed. Enjoy music, a warm bath or shower together using the body products you've packed, a massage, conversation and anything else that comes to mind. Make an unforgettable weekend getaway for you and your Valentine.

Step 8

Enjoy an unforgettable Valentine's Day getaway!

Do Not Disturb:
Don't forget to put out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door!
Happy Valentine's Day



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