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While planning on building up or Creating your own application, it's essential that you take into consideration if you're adding fresh functionality to a present functionality or content or bettering on a present functionality or content. The App Store is crammed full with a ton of worthless repeat apps that don't give any real value to the customer...Unless you've that killer app that people are looking for which will result in tons of internet chatter and downloads.

The unrivaled category in this Store that's an exception is games. As of January 2010, the App Store featured more than 50,000 games for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The gaming class is the commonest category of the iPhone and this is where consumers often look and flock to for downloading free and purchased applications. 75% of the downloads to the iPhone are games. Keep this fact in mind when creating your own.

How come there's such a huge demand for these games? Well for one, they're entertaining, very user friendly and help pass time particularly if you waiting for the bus, train, or have a flight to get on. The riveting thing about games on the iPhone is mostly they're quit affordable. You are able to play the game and beat the game and then advance to the next or you can simply go the store and purchase another game for $0.99 cents, giving you the opportunity for creating an iphone app in the games category

If you spend some time going through the huge selection make note of how many apps fall into this category you'll discover and get a full understanding as to how the categories are assembled in the App Store. Giving you a unique understanding of the category or surroundings you'll be entering into is one of the 1st steps to becoming an iPhone App developer. 

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The aim of creating a iphone app isn’t beating the best or the biggest or well-funded establishments. Your goal to be an iPhone App developer is to add to the themes of the App Store. This will demand a thoughtful plan so that your implementation is outstanding. You'll not need to spend 1000s of dollars to employ a team of developers to get it done. The idea is to analyze what's out there and develop a product that is missing or doesn't exist yet.

Finding your Niche...For Creating and Selling Your 1st App!

There are fundamentally 3 schemes for entering into the conception phase of creating your own app:

>>> Ascertaining the necessities of your niche.

>>> Researching your niche for the requirements that will be met by your app.

>>> Specifically conducting an inventory of what you'll be able to do and provide.


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There is potential to act upon specifically with one scheme, or maybe you can work them altogether backward and forward until you've something real to provide. It's suggested that executing all three of these angles, will bring forth the biggest variety between something that's needed in your niche, something which connects the community around you, and something which connects with who you are, your knowledge, and what you can offer.

The key to creating an iphone app is becoming excited about what you're doing...And coming up with a new idea. Having a good idea of how the app store works and how it is applied to the iphone.