Become A Podcaster!

Much like a blog, podcasts have become an excellent way for people to quickly and cheaply communicate their messages to an audience. Podcasts enable people to develop deeper relationships with their customers, distribute their audio interviews, and communicate their expertise to a wider audience than ever before. Podcasts are quick, simple, and cheap to set-up. You will find a step-by-step guide for creating and submitting your podcast for distribution below.


Things You’ll Need to Get Started:

  • DropBox Account
  • Website with WordPress Installed
  • Microphone, or audio recorder
  • Media Recording Software (ex: Audacity or Garage Band)
  • PowerPress Plugin (free)
  • iTunes software (free)
  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Something to Talk About


Step-by-Step Instructions to Becoming a Podcaster:

  1. Find a domain name and hosting provider (ex. GoDaddy, Blue Host, Host Gator, InMotionHosting, etc.)
  2. Install Wordpress on your hosting provider’s server. This process is extremely easy and the steps should be outlined on your hosting provider's site. For most hosting providers, you simply log into your account’s control panel and install WordPress when asked which content management system you wish to use.
  3. Inside of your Wordpress admin panel: http://”your”/wp-admin, go to plugin menu, and click "Add New."
  4. Search for and install the PowerPress plugin.
  5. Using media recording software on your computer (ex: Audacity or GarageBand) and record yourself or your interview.
  6. Edit audio, and input intro and outro if desired.
  7. Save/convert your audio to .mp3 format.
  8. Upload your audio file to the “Public” folder in your DropBox account. Once the file is in the “Public” section, right click on your file and hit “Copy Public Link.” You will want to copy this link address to the clipboard.  
  9. Return to your WordPress admin panel, and click “New Post.”
  10. In the PowerPress menu at the bottom of the “New Post” screen, you will find an empty box called, “Media URL.” Paste the Public Link that you have copied to the clipboard.
  11. Delete the “s” in https in the URL.
  12. Click publish post.
  13. Open the PowerPress menu on the left side of your WordPress Admin Panel
  14. Once in the PowerPress menu click the iTunes tab. It is in this tab that you can upload a picture to use as your logo, and write a description for your podcast. You can perform the same function in the “Feeds” tab after you complete the iTunes tab. The “Feed’s” tab information will be used for all podcast listeners using non-iTunes software.
  15. Now open your iTunes software, and find the podcast section. On the bottom right of your account’s podcast screen, there should be a link to “Submit Podcast.” Click this link.
  16. Follow the instructions in the iTunes software for submitting your podcast. Use the feed url provided in the PowerPress “iTunes” tab when prompted for your RSS feed.
  17. Wait 1-7 days for iTunes to review your podcast.
  18. Meanwhile continue to submit your podcast to Stitcher, Zune/Windows, and Blackberry using the feed URL found in your PowerPress “Feeds” tab. This is a different URL than your iTunes feed address. Each of these podcast distributors have slightly different sign up methods, so simply Google their preferred method. All are simple and self-explanatory.
  19. Enjoy being a podcaster!