Before we review how to create and publish a torrent, we need to discuss what torrents are and how they are used. Torrents are computer files with the extension ".torrent" (without the quotes). These files, or torrents, are stored on websites. Data files, broken into pieces, are also stored on websites.

The torrent files are used to maintain metadata about data files and trackers. The data files contain the data to be shared, and the trackers are the computers that coordinate file sharing.

The bitTorrent protocol, which is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol, is used to transmit large amounts of data. A bitTorrent client is used to upload and download data on a bitTorrent server. A bitTorrent client is also used to create and publish torrents.

There are several bitTorrent client programs. For this exercise we will use the Bitcomet bitTorrent client available from'. BitComet is a BitTorrent, HTTP, and FTP download client.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • bitTorrent client

Check out the Beginners Guide to Bittorrent By Jorge here on Info Barrel!



Step 1 - Start the Bitcomet bitTorrent client program.

Step 2 - Run the torrent maker (equivalent to command line File > Create Torrent).

Step 3 - Select the data file (single file) or file folders (multiple files).

Step 4 - Select "Enable Public DHT Network" from the drop-down box (A DHT network is a distributed hash table network).

Step 5 - In the Tracker Server and DHT Network Node List box, enter at least one tracker address. For this exercise we will use the following three trackers:


Step 6 - Save the torrent.

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