ArcheAge, a previously Asian-only MMORPG, has brought something to the western MMO world that has not often been seen - multiclassing. In ArcheAge, the class system revolves around players picking three different skill sets to create a wide array of different character builds. With ten different skill sets, this allows ArcheAge players to create over 100 different classes of characters. While players are urged to play with different skill sets to create a character that suits them, unfortunately not all class builds are created equal.

ArcheAge does allow players to switch around their skill sets after they have been picked at a Priestess of Nui Statue, but with so many different combinations, it can be hard find the right one without playing them all. This guide is meant to help new and moderately experienced players pick out a class that is right for them. Those who haven't embraced the joy of the game can play ArcheAge for free right now.

archeage skill sets

Skill Sets

Battlerage (Melee DPS)

For those who want to fight up close and personal with a big sword. This skill set focuses on offensive physical prowess with passive abilities that boost attack and allow for more effective dual wielding.

Sorcery (Magic AoE DPS)

A must for the aspiring mage. Sorcery delivers damage in the form of fire, ice and electric spells combined with area of effect magic to damage groups.

Shadowplay (Stealth / Melee DPS)

Those who lean towards roguishness will want to utilize the stealth and high mobility of this skill set to launch surprise attacks on their enemies. The passives allow for higher evasion and higher crit chances.

Witchcraft (Magic Debuffs / Crowd Control)

The majority of Witchcraft is all about crowd control - both applying it and removing it. Through this skill set, all classes that utilize it can lock down a battlefield.

Vitalism (Healing)

A must for the kind-hearted healer. With large heals, heals over time, protection spells and resurrection, a healer with Vitalism will always be in demand.

Occultism (Magic Debuffs / Healing)

This skill set focuses on applying status effects , debuffs and doing life drains from afar while also having tools for boosting damage and healing.

Archery (Ranged Physical DPS)

A must for those that want to fully utilize a bow. Archery, as one might suspect, focuses on doing ranged damage while still keep an enemy at a distance.

Defense (Tanking)

This skill is a must for players that want to have a big shield and take some big damage right to the face. With aggro-grabbing taunts, protection skills and damage mitigation, it is the bread and butter for tanks.

Auramancy (Magic Tanking / Debuff Breaks)

By itself Auramancy wouldn't be anything to sniff at, but combined with other skill sets, this support skill is a powerful utility. With light healing, defense and crowd control as well as buffs and debuffs, it provides a broad and useful toolkit.

Songcraft (Healing / Buffs)

Much like Auramancy, Songcraft provides a big toolkit that goes well with a lot of other different skill sets. This support skill set allows for a variety of ranged damage, crowd control, buffs, debuffs and light healing.

archeage tank

Tanking Class Builds

A difficult and unpopular role, those who truly want to feel important will want to tank and tank well. This role is all about holding the attention of enemies and absorbing damage from them. Almost all tanking builds will use the Defense skill set, unless of course you want your damage dealers to die and healers to cry.

Abolisher (Defense, Auramancy, Battlerage) - Basically the all around tank with support, debuffs and melee damage options.

Skullknight (Defense, Occultism, Auramancy) - A strong tanking class that not only can deal devastating damage but has great crowd control utility.

Templar (Defense, Auramancy, Vitalism) - More of an off-tank class that can support the main tank with buffs and emergency heals.

Paladin (Battlerage, Defense, Vitalism) - Great for when you don't want to rely on others. Decent damage dealing tools and great sustainability and survivability.

archeage healer

Healing Class Builds

Healing is the key to any group that wants to get anything done. Much like the tank, you'll always be wanted, but healing is generally a bit easier. The goal of the healer is to keep others and yourself alive, but in ArcheAge they can also do some decent damage and support as well.

Templar (Auramancy, Vitalism, Defense) - Not only a good tank, but a decent healer. Not only are they there for heals, support and buffs, but they are heavily armored and can take a few hits.

Heirophant (Auramancy, Vitalism, Witchcraft) - Heirophant can do a little bit of everything. They can heal effectively, but can make a huge difference through support abilities and great crowd control.

Cultist (Vitalism, Occultism, Sorcery) - Arguably one of the best healing classes. Not only can they do big heals, but they can do big damage as well.

Edgewalker (Auramancy, Occultism, Vitalism) - A grand supportive healer with the potential for ranged magic damage and crowd control.

Cleric (Auramancy, Songcraft, Vitalism) - One of the best healing classes in the game. Essentially they can pump out heals and group buffs like it is nobody's business.

archeage archer

Archery Class Builds

Whether players want to be a rogue with a deadly bow or just want to sit back and pluck a few arrows from the rear, archery is great for those that don't want to be a mage, but don't want to be right in the fray either.

Primeval (Auramancy, Archery, Shadowplay) - Easily one of the most popular classes in the game for those who are or aspire to be pirates. It provides amazing damage and is the perfect build to commit a few murders.

Ranger (Archery, Shadowplay, Vitalism) - One of the strongest damage classes, but it also has great tools for self-healing.

Trickster (Archery, Shadowplay, Witchcraft) - Another great class for ranged murder, specializing in strong single target damage while having area of effect and crowd control for groups.

Stone Arrow (Archery, Shadowplay, Defense) - Another high damage class, but with more survivability when some melee class comes to gank you.

archeage mage

Mage Class Builds

The most popular damage dealing class, mages can be deadly if not focused right away. You'll be a big target on the battlefield, but if you can go unnoticed you can dominate with magic.

Spellsinger (Sorcery, Songcraft, Shadowplay) - This class provides massive burst damage, but has some flexibility for support as well.

Daggerspell (Sorcery, Shadowplay, Witchcraft) - Not unlike a Spellsinger, the Daggerspell class focuses on high burst damage but trades in the support for crowd control.

Arcanist (Sorcery, Auramancy, Witchcraft) - Your basic mage. Has the wonderful combination of both having single target and area of affect spells while also having some light support potential.

Demonologist (Witchcraft, Sorcery, Occultism) - A good all around build for PvP with great burst damage and some powerful crowd control.

archeage melee

Melee Class Builds

Unlike archers and mages, the class builds for melee damage dealers are often a little different. Not only do you want to put out high damage, but you will also want to consider survivability and sustainability as well since players will be right in the thick of it. As a melee character there are not a lot of opportunities to kite your way out of trouble, so you have to consider other options.

Blackguard (Battlerage, Vitalism, Occultism) - The Blackguard can do a bit of everything, making it one of the greatest leveling classes. Crowd control and healing mixed with damage allow for players to deal with any situation.

Inquisitor (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Vitalism) - Often seen in PvP, Inquisitor is also a viable PvE class that focuses on crit-based damage with decent self-healing.

Dreadnought (Shadowplay, Occultism, Defense) - One of the most unstoppable melee builds that focuses on burst damage while having some of the survivability of a tank.

Darkrunner (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy) - A strong and popular melee build for its high sustainable damage while also having group utility.

Blighter (Defense, Battlerage, Shadowplay) - If PvP is your interest, the Blighter can see you become a terror on the battlefield with its strong defense and powerful melee damage.


None of These Work For You?

Are none of these builds of interest to you? Or do you need something a little more...numerical? The best part about ArcheAge is that no matter how much other players want to force you into a cookie cutter build (much like other MMOs) it is all about what works for different people. There's no simple cookie cutter build.

For those that want do the math and sass out their own unique build, here is every skill set combination and class in ArcheAge with the amount of physical damage, magic damage, defensive, buff and debuffs moves.