Add dimension to your interiors with mirrors

In discussing creative ways to decorate with mirrors, a lot of homeowners do not know that when it comes to mirrors, they can actually be more than looking glasses. They can be used to liven up your living space. Now I know I’ve got you wondering how this can be done. Read on and you will know just how. It starts with making a decision on the type of artwork that should go on your home’s walls. You don’t have to stress over this because a mirror will do the magic. You don’t need to hang it at eye level, just any level or place you wish to hang an artwork and to be more creative, you can go ahead to paint the frames, especially when it comes plain, with colors that will seamlessly blend with your interior décor.

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  • Decorating the walls: Now to get more out of creative ways to decorate with mirrors, a lot of people have gone a step further by doing the entire walls of their living space with mirrors to achieve a look that can only be described with one word, ‘dramatic’. For even better results, you can mix and match different styles and shapes of mirrors.
  • Decorating the Hallways and Staircases: Let me shift my attention to the hallway or staircase. Do you know you can add a lot of glamour to this part of your home when you hang mirrors that reflect light along the walls? Yes, this type of decoration is known to make darker spaces lighter and to spruce up the look, unique designs like colorful flowers can also be painted on the mirror frames. If you are not that good in artistic designs, you can just paint plain and simple but color-matching stripes along the edges of the frames so that it blends with the existing color scheme of your home.
  • Decorating the mantles, shelves and end tables: Still on creative ways to decorate with mirrors, I have been talking about walls but then, decorating with mirrors is not restricted to your walls alone. You can actually decorate your home with mirrors by placing stand-up small mirrors on the fireplace mantle, shelves and even your end table. You can glam up the look by placing a beautiful vase, decorative candle, little figurine or any other small decorative item before the mirror. With the back of the item being reflected in the mirror, it becomes a sort of focal point in that part of the home. In the case of the candle, it is sort of enthralling to see a reflection of the flame in the mirror which makes it two flames instead of just one.
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  • Decorating the Single Window: Finally on creative ways to decorate with mirrors, if yours is a big room with single window on the long wall, you can actually fill in the space and even out such space by hanging full length mirror on both sides of the window, making sure they are hung at least 8” away from the window frames. Prior to hanging the mirrors, they can be painted the same color with that of the window trim. With a pull down shade or mini blind hung on the window, you have larger looking window and fuller space. In fact, when it comes to creative ways to decorate with mirrors, the possibilities are just endless.