If you have self published your own book on Amazon, you will also want to self promote. Here are some methods I use to promote some or all of my Kindle books. Depending on if your book is fiction or non-fiction, some of these may not work for you, but maybe they will give you some creative ideas. All my books are non-fiction. If you have used other methods or can think of other suggestions, please let me know in the comments section.


  • I go on the relevant forums and chat and put the book as a tag line.


  • I pin the book covers on Pinterest.


  • I have Google alerts set up for the title of my book. Then if someone writes a blog post and includes those words, I can comment and add my link. This is on topic advertising without spending hours searching.


  • I backlinked on a number of sites like redgage.


  • I've written an article about each book on HubPages, and other similar writing sites, with a link back to the book.


  • I've read aloud one chapter from each book and put the videos on youtube. In the comments section is a link to the book.


  • I've quoted a chapter from a book on HubPages and other places and then said "this is chapter X from THIS BOOK", with a link.


  • I've used Best-Reviewer to list "my favorite top 10 books" and mine is #1. I keep meaning to do something similar on Squidoo, but haven’t got round to it yet.


  • For a non-fiction book I email the owner of a relevant yahoogroup and ask them to advertise the book. Some do, some don't. This doesn’t work so well with fiction for obvious reasons.


  • I've offered a free copy to blog owners in exchange for them to write a review on their site.


  • I wrote a guest post on someone else’s blog and linked to one of my books.


  • I paid for an advert on a blog about Kindle books. I'm not sure if I'll get my money back or not. I've talked with someone else about paying for an advert on their blog, but decided against that one.


  • My book that's in print I sell on ebay.


  • I tweeted


  • My local Patch did an article about me when I wrote my first book


  • There are links to my books on some of my own relevant websites



Also, I wrote on listmania lists on Amazon and recommended my books in some of the lists I created.



Don’t forget, every time you write a link to your book, to make it an affiliate link. You are allowed to make affiliate commission on a book that you have written.