How to Cure A Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid With Treatment

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Some need for information about external hemorrhoid treatment and natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Step 1

If you have had exterior hemorrhoids for a while, they might become thrombosed. This can happen with either internal or external hemorrhoids. Basically, when the blood supply becomes cut off, a blood clot can form, and it becomes a thrombosed hemorrhoid. This can be much more troublesome than simple external hemorrhoids, and you will need to seek out thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment to solve the problem.

Step 2

While normal home treatments for hemorrhoids will help alleviate some of the pain and itch of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, such as sitz baths, exercise and including more water and fiber in your diet, as a general rule once the external hemorrhoid becomes thrombosed, you need to see a doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you what your options are for thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment, which will probably depend partly on your individual condition.

Step 3

The doctor will at this point usually recommend a surgical or medical treatment option, designed to either remove or shrink the hemorrhoid. One thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment is rubber band ligation. This involves tying a band around the hemorrhoid, which will stop the flow of blood, thereby causing the hemorrhoid to disappear. This is often a popular method for dealing with this problem.

Step 4

Another thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment involves using sclerotherapy, in which the doctor injects the affected area with a chemical solution designed to shrink the hemorrhoid. Another option would included infrared coagulation, during which the doctor uses infrared light to burn off the thrombosed hemorrhoid. Both of these treatments can be quite effective.

Step 5

If the doctor feels these non-surgical procedures are not a good option for your particular case, they might recommend that the hemorrhoid be surgically removed. This thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment, known as a hemorroidectomy, can sometimes be achieved by cutting into the vein that contains the clot, and squeezing it out. However, many times the surgeon will prefer to remove not only the clot, but also to cut off the vein that is causing the external hemorrhoid. This can prevent the problem from reoccurring. This tends to be a painful procedure, but it does offer good results.


Tips & Warnings

You can help avoid getting a thrombosed external hemorrhoid by promptly treating simple external hemorrhoids so that clots do not have a chance to form. You can avoid painful hemorhoid surgery by curing hemorroids naturally.