Finding how to cure back pain has always been said to be next to impossible for everyone but the select few. Doctors in those days also believed that good old bed rest could do the trick but it never seemed to work. Instead stronger painkillers would be prescribed and the pain would eventually go away. Until now a certain cause for chronic back pain is still to be found as each case is unique to its cause. That is because the pain is not the problem but merely a symptom for something else and could even be what doctors call referred pain.

How to cure back pain which stems from a chronic condition should be evaluated and a range of causes should be isolated in order to begin to asses the damage to the spinal chord and what steps should be taken. What makes this evaluation easier is the fact that because the condition is chronic, the problem will always appear in the same place. These pains have been said to be lived with because of the fact that medical operations don't work. That is because there never should have been an operation in the first place and simply the right type of exercise may have solved the problem.

Because medical doctors who own their own practices are still businessmen or women, they too sometimes have the urge to just make a few extra bucks for a single day's work. Therefore they would schedule a surgery which is relatively harmless because they think that they can make money off us while testing a theory. There is no cause for an operation and if the case really is severe enough, a second and third opinion should be gathered. The reason for this careful process is that if the wrong type of surgery is performed, the patient may be left paralyzed.

There are several ways of how to cure back pain at home without having to see a doctor, these theories are responsible for helping me and others through a similar scenario as most people. They will however not have the same effects on people who suffer from certain chronic conditions; these conditions may include pulmonary stenosis, spinal stenosis, cervical stenosis, scoliosis and cervical cancer. They have not been tested due to a fear by doctors that these strategies may further the condition of disturbance to the vertebrae.

For these types of diseases there are causes for the pain and the cause should be taken care of as soon as possible. The best remedy for any back ache is not bed rest but being active. Although most common back aches are caused by too much stress to the back in any sort of way, these can include, falling, sitting with the wrong posture, the wrong type of chair, sitting or standing for too long at once or an injury to the area.

The simple way of how to cure back pain is some of the same techniques used by chiropractors as well as other doctors and specialists in the field. If the pain is of such a state that bed rest is necessary, the period spent there should be no longer than three days as the body starts to deteriorate after this period and the muscle structure which is already in jeopardy might not be able to sustain the following recovery process and the patient will have further difficulties in the same area for a period of time to come. It has also been claimed by certain professionals that the bed rest itself actually doesn't help the healing process but prolongs it.

If the pain is coming from an injury, the best thing to do is to cool the injured area by lying on the floor with a pillow below the knees; this is to remove strain from the back. The ice is to be placed underneath the back of the patient on the infected area for a period of no less than twenty minutes. The pack may then be removed for thirty minutes after which it must be re-applied for another twenty minutes. This needs to be done within twenty four hours after the injury was sustained.

If this does not cure back pain or makes it worse, the patient should sit in a comfortable chair which supports the lower back especially. A good idea is to place a pillow between the lower back and the sofa. This should be accompanied with rest and slow careful movements. Basically light duty is prescribed for the next day or two. If the following day, the pain persists, it is a good idea to heat the muscle tissue around the injured area as this relaxes the strained muscle and also relaxes the tension which causes the pain.

If however the pain still subsists, have someone give you a gentle massage, concentrating on the injured area. Note the keyword is gentle as any further stress may cause the pain to increase. In the event that the affected area should become enflamed, a doctor needs to be contacted as there could be more serious damage to the bone tissue.

Finding a cure for back pain should not be the point of concentration but the warning sign which tells us where the problem lies. If no attention is given to a lower back pain, most cases, even more severe ones should subside after a period of two months or sooner. If the pain did not subside, see a doctor. If it should happen that the doctor prescribes surgery, ask for a reference to a second opinion. If it is an honest doctor, he will give you an honest reference. It is advisable however that a specialist is also asked to opinionate the case before considering surgery of any kind.

Back pain in general is very common and in most cases can be avoided by staying fit and regular exercise. This way, the strain at any given time will be less threatening as the body becomes adapted to some strenuous activity. I do hope this article has helped you a little, but remember, when in doubt contact your doctor and see that you get the help you need to cure your back pain!