How to Cure Bad Breath from Acid Reflux

Are you suffering from a bad breath due to acid reflux? No need to worry any longer, here is a list of effective remedies known to treat your problem!

Generally, acid reflux is caused by the kinds of food you eat, or by overeating. The strong acids and enzymes that your stomach produces to digest your food intake, are sometimes not strong enough to do its work, or are too little for everything that you have eaten. When this happens, your body reacts (thus the flow back), to get your attention and correct what you are eating wrong.

Bad breath is a natural reaction from acid reflux, due to eating various foods that cannot be digested properly. So to prevent bad breath, prevent acid reflux. Here’s how:

-Avoid foods that you know your stomach can’t digest. If you had a difficulty the first time you ate it, then don’t eat it again, find an alternative. Different bodies have different reactions to each food eaten, just like some people are allergic to a specific food, while others aren’t.

-Cut down or avoid foods that bring about reflux. These are spicy foods, milk, cheeses, citrus and fast food, to mention a few. These foods naturally increase the possibility of triggering reflux with queasiness into the mouth, which may result to bad breath.

-Take time to chew your food thoroughly. Now, this sounds easier said than done but chewing your food properly will minimize the episodes of reflux flowing back into the esophagus and leading to bad breath.

-Improved digestion can keep bad breath from happening, so eat foods that encourage better digestion. A few examples are sweet potatoes, artichokes and green leafy vegetables. This lessens the spoilage in the stomach, which will then lessen, if not eliminate the possibility of bad breath.

-Do not overeat. Too much of anything is bad. If you still want to eat more, save the remaining of your food for later. Your eating habit should be changed by eating small frequent meals. This will help regulate the digestive enzymes that your stomach produces.

-Beware of drinks in cans and bottles. According to Dr. Jamie Koufman, author of The Reflux Cookbook Blog, one of the very risky factors that we should avoid is soda pop, or carbonated beverages, as these help activate pepsin, a stomach enzyme which is connected to your throat. When pepsin is activated, the esophagus and throat are being digested, leading to reflux.

-One’s system has to be alkalized and the stomach pH has to be altered by including apple cider vinegar to your regimen. The vinegar neutralizes stomach acids as this is high in potassium. The apple cider vinegar facilitates the stimulation of digestive juices and neutralization of stomach acids and in the body, despite the fact that it is an acid. This helps alter the pH slightly, which makes it more alkaline. When this happens, occurrence of acid reflux is less likely, leaving the breath fresh.

-Include basil and fresh mint in your meals, and chew on candies or anything that helps sweeten your breath. They soothe the lining in the esophagus, as well as the stomach, and protects you from reflux.

Indeed, acid reflux bad breath is preventable and treatable especially with the assistance of these helpful tips.