You may not be aware that more than 90% of people carry the virus that causes cold sores on lips. This is pretty astounding when you think about it. But then why then do painful, embarrassing cold sores not occur in nearly every person? The reason for this is that some people's immune systems are better at dealing with the herpes virus that causes cold sore outbreaks. But, if you do suffer from cold sores and outbreaks on the lips then there are some things that you can do to cure cold sores quick when an outbreak strikes. In many cases the best cold sore treatments are remedies that boost your immune system so that you can more effectively fight off the virus.

Learn how to cure cold sores fast

There are some tips to avoid getting cold sores that I should talk about first because if you can avoid getting cold sores in the first place you will have a lot less to worry about. The way that the herpes virus works is that it lays dormant in nerve endings of cells for the majority of the time. However, sometimes the viruses "wake up" and coalesce at a certain point on the lips and this results in a cold sore outbreak. If you take the steps to avoid getting cold sores by suppressing the reproduction of the virus you will get cold sores less often.

First, the cold sore virus is triggered by extreme temperatures and wind exposure. It is for this reason that cold sores appear on the lips with much regularity in the winter months when the weather and wind are at their worst. However, as I have said, sun exposure can trigger cold sores as well. So by applying a sun screen to the lips when you are going to be exposed to the sun (especially in peak summer months) for a lengthy period is a wise policy as well. The other way to prevent cold sores from forming is to keep your immune system charged up and at full force. You can do this in a number of ways including by taking immuno-boosting supplements, virus suppressing medication and by eating a proper diet.

Once you have a an outbreak the most important thing on your mind is getting rid of your cold sores quickly. The first step in knowing how to cure cold sores quickly is to realize that there are actually things that you can do make the outbreak worse. For instance, if you are a women that typically wears lip makeup or foundation, you want to forgo these items while the cold sore is present. Instead you want to make an effort to keep the area on the lip clean and dry. Soap and water will keep the area disinfected but make sure that you wash your hands after cleaning the area because it is possible to spread the cold sore virus to other parts of the skin.

The next step in treating cold sores in to get your immune system up to snuff. There are a number of naturally occurring compounds that are very successfully in supercharging your immune system's response to the cold sore virus. The most potent of these is lysine which is often sold as Super Lysine. Lysine inhibits the reproduction of the cold sore virus by increasing the immune system's response to it. You will find that if you load up on lysine during a cold sore outbreak that the cold sore will disappear generally 50% faster than if you simply let the virus run its course.

The next thing to consider is cold sore killing foods. Certain food items, especially those containing lysine, can add to the body's response and improve the response of a lysine supplement. These foods include dairy foods and baked potatoes. Increasing your consumption of these foods can help fight cold sores faster.

When learning how to cure cold sores quick the most important element is prevention. If you maintain a healthy diet, take the proper supplement and prescription medications and avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions you will be able to reduce cold sore outbreaks dramatically.

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