How to Cure Enuresis for an Adult

Cure Enuresis for an Adult

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about bed wetting solutions, such a recommended bed wetting alarm.

Step 1

The first step to do when looking into how to cure enuresis in an adult is to ask yourself or the adult with this problem a few questions. First, have you experienced any physical trauma lately? Examples could be a car accident or accident at work, such as an injury or argument with a superior. If physical trauma can be ruled out, then the next question to ask is if the adult has ever been diagnosed or showed signs of having a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is one of the most common causes of enuresis in adults, next to stress from trauma. Answering these questions will help lead to a cure for this adult bedwetting problem.

Step 2

Step two is for the enuresis plagued adults that have experiences some form of physical trauma within the few months leading up to the start of the bedwetting. Quite often, physical shock or traumas that have led to the start of adult enuresis are very easily treated. In most cases, doctors and medical staff will be able to treat the patient both by treating the physical evidence of trauma and also the mental, sometimes by having them work with a therapist. All of these treatments will help to cure the afflicted adult of this bedwetting problem.

Step 3

This step is for the adults that have shown signs of a sleep disorder, one example being sleep apnea, and are currently suffering from enuresis. The root issue for the adult that is suffering from bedwetting is often that the adult is sleeping so deeply that they do not wake up when their bladder triggers their brain that it is time to use the toilet. In order to treat and possibly cure the bedwetting issue is for the adult to see a medical professional. After they go through a standard physical and mental evaluation, the doctor will most likely treat the adult with one or a combination of medication, a program to alter the sleep patterns, and exercises to strengthen the bladder control muscles.

Step 4

Enuresis in an adult can be a very embarrassing and discomforting experience, one that often leads to feelings of shame or loss of control for the person that has to live with this problem. The most common issue when trying to cure bedwetting is the lack of adults who actually admit to having it – many will try to hide their symptoms, telling themselves that the problem will go away on its own, or worse, that they are the only person with the problem, and they are too afraid to talk to a medical professional about it. Knowing this, it is very important for adults to talk to their doctors when they are having overnight bladder control issues, and if they do tell their family or a friend, constant support is also incredibly important.

Tips & Warnings

Before spending a great deal of money on doctor visits or medical treatments you may try to use a reliable bed wetting alarm. They are often the easiest and most affordable way to solve bedwetting for the majority of enuresis suffers.

Adult enuresis is completely involuntary and affects many millions of people – remember that you are not alone if this problem plagues you.