Are you looking for an acne solution? There are facial skin care products as well as at home remedies for acne pimples. If you want glowing skin, but you have acne, treat your oily or combination skin with facial skin care products or at home remedies for acne that will absorb oil. Try the following tips for an acne solution.
Find your acne solutionCredit: Amberdawn 2011Wash twice per day. If you have acne treat your skin gently with oil free skin care lotion. Although you want an acne solution for glowing skin, it's tempting to overdo it. Washing too often will dry out your skin and cause it to produce more oil to compensate. This causes more acne pimples so it won't help getting rid of acne. Even with acne it is possible to have combination skin that dries out. It's better to consistently use the right home remedies for acne and facial skin care products once or twice per day than to wash your skin 4 times per day in a week.

Getting rid of acne means gentle cleansingCredit: Amberdawn 2011Use facial skin care products containing Benzoil Peroxide that are specially designed for getting rid of acne. For an acne solution look for facial skin care products with this as an active ingredient to zap acne pimples. If you have acne treat it with this powerful ingredient for glowing skin, but be sure to read the label and not overuse it. If you have combination skin you may need to use this skin care lotion every other day instead of daily. Test the skin care lotion out on a small spot on your arm first to make you're not allergic, or you may need to stick with at home remedies for acne.

Try home remedies for an acne solution. An oatmeal mask is an easy to make acne solution. Just make oatmeal according to the package directions, wait for it to cool to room temperature, and apply to your face with your fingers just like skin care lotion for getting rid of acne. Like commercial facial skin care products it will absorb oil and soften oily and combination skin. With acne treat yourself to this at home facial treatment to get rid of acne pimples and get glowing skin.

Try at home remedies for acneCredit: Amberdawn 2011Try microdermabrasion for an acne solution. This is one of many at home remedies for acne. You can find this in the same isle as other facial skin care products. It's one of the simple at home remedies for acne. Simply use the gently vibrating wand designed for getting rid of acne pimples to rub the skin care lotion on your face. With acne treat the pores to a gentle scrubbing from the grit. It is safe for combination skin and it doesn't hurt; just follow the directions for glowing skin! For more skin care tips, see the links in my resources list below. Good luck!



The key to any skin care regimen is consistency.  Stick with your daily and weekly routines and you will see a difference.  Don't try to overdo things in one day at the expense of the rest of the week.  Just like you wouldn't try to do all your exercise for the week in a single day, don't try washing or scrubing more than twice per day. 

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