Up until now, you have loved to write. But today, for some reason, you just sit there staring at a blank screen. You have a cup of coffee and a stretch, but you sit down again, and still nothing!

Overcoming writer's block, can be very frustrating, and can hit hard when you have been writing non stop for days. All last week you had ideas just flowing out of your head, you were in the "zone" and couldn't make your fingers go fast enough on the keyboard. But now… nothing!

Here are a few tips to cure writers block and get those fingers moving on the keyboard again!


Exercise to cure Writer's Block

Before you hit the back button, you have to realize just how huge this is. I don't mean you have to get all sweaty at the gym or run that marathon, just get up, put on your walking shoes and go out the door. To overcome writer's block, go around the block, take your dog and explore. If you have been around your block too many times to notice anything new, then get in your car and take your dog with you and go to another park, or someone else's neighbourhood, then have a good walk.


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You will be surprised just how good it feels to see some new sights and get the blood pumping. Stop at the coffee shop and get a special coffee, talk to someone, make conversation with someone, even idle chit chat. A simple change can cure writer's block.

Forget about writing for a few hours.. Have some fun. Go shopping, but keep walking and moving. Try not to be in the car for too long either.

Park Yourself in a Starbucks

Find a coffee shop that is not going to kick you out after 10 minutes, and take your laptop or a notepad and pen, and have a coffee, and just take in the people coming and going and the scenery. Something will come to mind. Sometimes just being in a busy environment and taking in some new smells and sights will inspire your imagination again and help you overcome writer's block.

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Play the Writing Game to Cure Writer's Block

This means write down anything that comes to mind. If you are at a laptop or keyboard then just type whether it sounds like garbage or not, just anything that comes to mind. Whether it is a list of words, or memories, or what you are having for dinner. Anything.

As you are writing or typing this list, something may just pop up. Whether it is one of the words you have typed or whether the words just inspire your imagination.

Another way to deal with writers block is to take this list of words and or sentences and the way you play the word game, is that you have to make a story out of the words or sentences. This can be fun and should get that overworked brain and imagination thinking again!

To overcome writer's block, you will just make the frustration worse if you just sit there and stare at the screen or blank page. You need to change it up for a bit, take a break, don't put yourself on such a tight schedule, you are human not a machine. Remember why you started writing in the first place, because you like it right? Then don't let occasional writer's block cramp your style!