Unfortunately there are many foods and beverages that can burn a person’s tongue and cause them severe pain. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, for example, odds are you’ve burnt your tongue on more than one occasion!  Another possible reason is by eating spicy or hot foods before they cool off. While this isn’t the most serious condition, it can be very painful and last a while or even turn into a blister or something more severe if you don’t treat it right. I will offer several ways below on how you can treat it.

Ouch! I Burnt My Tongue! What Do I Do?

Burned TongueCredit: icouldcrybutidonthavetime.wordpress.com

- First, you need to put ice on the area immediately. This will soothe the pain and reduce swelling.

- Next, you should apply an over-the-counter, topical anesthetic ointment.  This will numb the tongue and you will feel no pain. Some can be expensive, but I prefer this product below by Dr. Numb, as it’s only $6.50. 

- Next apply an over the counter cellulose compound. These are also inexpensive and it will help protect your tongue as it heals. 

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Other Tips

- If you still feel pain, it’s okay to take ibuprofen or other pain relief medications. 

- Drink a lot of cold liquids.

- Try eating icepops or ice cream.

- Gargle warm salt water.

- Stay away from acidic foods like oranges and salty foods like potato chips. 

- Another thing you can do is use an anestheic mouthwash very often. These can also be used for throat or mouth irritations, mouth ulcers, abscessed tooth, mouth sores, canker sores, etc. It should help relieve the pain very fast. 

What if my Tongue Still Feels Burned?

Burned Tongue SyndromeCredit: www.epharmapedia.com -

- Then you should definitely consider seeing a doctor as you could have a condition known as burning mouth syndrome.

This is a condition with a burning sensation you feel in your mouth ortongue - even though it's not actually burning. Another symptom is you lose your taste buds, experiencing an overall loss of taste.

This usually occurs in middle to older aged women. It can be severe but it depends upon the case. If you think you might have this condition, you should definitely see a doctor. 

Hopefully your burnt tongue goes away before you get a blister or another complication. I hope these tips will help you cure it fast!