Reduce or even eliminate a cold sore outbreak with these tips

Here's some helpful information for when you need to cure a cold sore. Those painful and annoying outbreaks can take weeks to get rid of. A cold sore outbreak can be triggered by many things including stress, hormones, extreme weather conditions, greasy foods and illness. I'll list some easy ways to reduce spreading and how to cure a cold sore quickly.

Steps you need to take to cure a cold sore fast

Fist off, avoid touching the cold sore, if you can't resist then use a washcloth with hot water and soap. The virus can be spread all around your face if you touch it so just don't do it. Stopping the spread of the virus is the fist step to curing and preventing the spread of an outbreak.

You'll need to wash your face and hands often with anti bacterial face soap, once again this will prevent spreading the virus to other areas of your face.

A great, effective way to cure the cold sore outbreak is to use some form of L-lysine based ointment on the cold sore infection. Apply from the edges inward to prevent spreading the infection to other areas of your face.

In addition to the ointment I highly recommend taking l-lysine tablets as well, a few times a day.  It also couldn't hurt taking these during the winter when cold sore outbreaks are more common.  Here's some highly rated l-lysine pills available on Amazon, once again, they're highly rated by cold sore sufferers, take a good look at them.

It's also important, when trying to cure a cold sore, that you understand what caused it. Whether it be the weather, spicy foods or stress. Understanding what the trigger factors are that caused the outbreak in the first place can help you cure the cold sore quicker and even prevent future ones.  As soon as you encounter a possible trigger make sure you start taking l-lysine pills.  An ounce of prevention can go a long way here.  Better to prevent the outbreak in the first place than try to reduce it's duration.

Take an L-lysine tablet every few hours. This will definetely help you cure a cold sore much quicker.  Once again, take one of these pills every few hours, people over and over again swear by their l-lysine pills ability to stop, prevent and shorten an outbreak.

So there you have it, some easy steps to help cure a cold sore. If you follow these steps you should be able to cure a cold sore in just a few days instead of a few weeks.

There are many over the counter cold sore medications also available. I would recommend you find one with L-lysine (I linked a great one above) as well as read cold sore medication reviews from such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon. Unbiased honest opinions by real consumers on what helps them can help you too.

Here's some more tips that can help you get rid of a cold sore fast.