If you are suffering from a mighty hang over, there are a number of thing that you can do to help heal yourself. The best thing that you can do when you get up, or wake up, is to actually get out of bed. Laying in bed and sleeping usually will not help a hang over too much because when you are still drunk, you usually do not sleep to well and it is hard to sleep when you are sick. The best thing to do is to get up and take some medication. Tylenol or Advil is usually what works best for a hangover. Make sure that you get up and get your blood flowing as to purge the alcohol out of your system.

The next best thing to do when you wake up from a hang over is to get in the shower and to clean yourself up a bit. Usually this will make you feel a lot better. If you can brush your teeth and get the taste and smell of alcohol out of your system, you will start to feel a lot better. If you have not done this prior to getting the hang over, one thing that you can do when you are drinking, is to make sure that you drink a lot of water when you finish drinking. This will help you with the hangover blue and will purge your system very early on.

Although it may seem difficult, but the best way to cure a hang over is to get up and get active. If you work out or jog, this is one of the best ways to cure a hang over. Your body will metabolize the alcohol and you will not feel very ill for very long when you start to get active and work out. This is probably the best way to get rid of hang overs.

There is another way that you can get rid of hang overs, but it usually does not work as well as the above methods, and that way is to drink orange juice in the morning when you wake up from a hang over. The vitamin C in the juice usually tends to help the stomach when you are feeling ill from a hang over.

Other than these methods, I really do not know of any better ways to cure hang overs. These are the best tips to follow when asking the question how to cure a hang over.