If you have an underarm or armpit fungal infection, this isn’t the most serious condition but it can certainly be discomforting and lead to more serious problems if untreated. Getting a yeast or fungal infection under your armpits is rarer than getting it in other parts of your body, and it can be a pain in the butt to have. If you think you are experiencing the symptoms of tinea corporis, you should consider either getting a prescription topical ointment or an over the counter anti-fungal cream to get rid of this infection as soon as possible, or it can lead to more problems for you.

Tea Tree Oil to Cure Fungal Infections

This product works for most infections of this kind and is used in the shower. I recommend using this for itch relied, with a good cream for a fast and effective cure.

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Symptoms of Armpit Fungal or Yeast Infection

First, you must make sure you do in fact have an infection. You may have it if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

- If you have a red and itchy rash in the location.

- Overall irritation and discomfort.

- Body odor in the area. It smells kind of tangy.

- Flakes or specks of skin.

Why Do I Have Armpit Infection? What to Do and What Not to Do

 Just why do you have it in the first place? Here are some possible reasons:

- Its most likely from excessive sweating and warmth in the area - Fungus thrives in warm, moist areas. Make sure you clean the area multiple times a day.

- Warm and/or tight clothing could also be to blame.

- Using a deodorant or body perfume which can cause itchiness is another potential reason.

- This, combined with scratching the area, is most likely why you have the infection.

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TIP: Some over the counter antifungal creams work specifically on certain conditions (such as Jock Itch creams or athlete’s foot creams, for example). So make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Best Cream for Armpit Fungal Infection?

I think that Lotromin is the best, but there are certainly other good brands out there. Search for the best antifungal creams for yourself.

Is Powder okay to Use for Antifungal Infection?

WARNING: I’ve personally use to use Gold Bond anti-itch powder and other baby powders on a fungal infection and I actually experienced more itchiness from doing this. 

I think it’s because it actually ended up drying the skin more than before. I would not recommend using powders on fungal infections at all.

Other Antifungal Infections – Athlete’s Foot and Jock Itch

 Having a yeast problem under your armpits is a somewhat rare location to get this – much more common is athlete’s foot or Jock itch (tinea cruris).

Tinea pedis (athlete's feet) thrives in warm, moist areas, just like other fungal infections like the kind you can get under your armpits or a female yeast infection in the vagina.

Please read this article on how to get rid of Athlete's Foot fast if you are experiencing some of the symptoms.

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand how to cure an armpit fungal infection as fast as possible!