Every ear infection my family has encountered has been cured without drugs using a simple home remedy. This remedy seems to kill infections at source, reduce or even eliminate ear ache pain within seconds. Another benefit is that it helps clear gunk out of your ears which seems to help prevent reoccurring ear infections.

You can also try this mixture as as soon as you feel the start of an ear infection to head off the infection before it gets to really hurting.

This simple solution works great for kids of all ages, adults, and may even work well on pets.

Important Note: I am not a doctor, I'm just passing on my personal and family experience so you can try to avoid costly doctors visits and expensive drugs which often have unintended side effects. 

If your ear infection persists after a week of treatment, be sure to go see a doctor, since prolonged ear infection could be a symptom of some other more serious issue.

Difficulty:  Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Rubbing Alcohol Bottle
  • White Vinegar Bottle
  • Small mix and application bottle - a mini hotel shampoo bottle works great
  • Tissue paper or old towel
  • Q-tips (optional)
    • 1
      Rubbing Alcohol

      Combine Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar in a 50/50 ratio in the mini hotel shampoo bottle or other small bottle. Shake the mixture well to combine the two ingredients. Clearly label the bottle with a marker as "ear infection mix" to prevent it being used for something else.

    • 2
      Household Vinegar

      Plug the top of the bottle with your thumb to avoid spilling the mix. Then tip your head 90 degrees or lie down with the sore ear up. Get a tissue or old towel in reach to catch drips.

    • 3
      What an ear infection might look like

      Gently pour the mix into your sore ear until the ear is full. You can move your head around a little to be sure the mix has settled into all portions outside the ear drum. You will find this uses only a portion of a typical mini shampoo bottle.

    • 4

      Let the mix site for several minutes as you relax. You may feel the pain subsiding, and you may feel a little tingle.

    • 5

      Tip your head to drain the mix into a tissue or old towel. At this point you MAY want to use a Q-tip to gently clean out loosened wax and buildup from your ear. CAREFUL you do not poke too hard or cause damage to your sensitive eardrum.

    • 6
      Very Low Cost Solution

      Finally, repeat treatment with the mix 2 times a day for a week, or until the ear infection is gone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol can be found in every drug or grocery store. They can both be bought for no more then a couple of dollars per bottle, and you only need a little bit of a bottle of each for treating ear infections. Total cost is going to be pennies.

  • Also, this ear infection mix can be used to cure minor infections on certain other parts of your body such as infections near toe nails and athletes foot. Use common sense if experimenting with this mix.

  • Do not drink the ear infection mix

  • Keep the bottle away from young children so they don't try to drink it. There is no issue with using the mix to treat young children.

  • If the ear infection persists after a few days of treatment, seek medical help.