First off, we will make a list of the materials we need:

  • A wig: Make absolutely certain that the wig you want to curl is heat resistant. Any regular synthetic wig will melt using this guide, your wig needs to be heat resistant synthetic fiber. I have no experience with human hair wigs, so I'm not sure if this guide works for them or not. Better safe than sorry!
  • Curlers: I use foam rollers, but basically anything of the sort should work so long as air can flow through them. Do not use a curling iron, the curls need to cool off in place.
  • Hair dryer: A good hair dryer with multiple settings is optimal!
  • A comb: Of course, you will need to comb your wig throughout this process.
  • A wig head: To keep your wig on while you style it. I use a circular object of about the same size as my head, which isn't really recommended, but if you don't have one you've got to improvise (or buy one).

Now to the tutorial!

Wig step 1Credit: Malicberry


First, you want to put your wig on the wig head or whatever it is you use to hold your wig.
 Comb/brush through it gently as you normally would to get all the tangles out. You should visually divide the hair into chunks before going right into it, to make sure you get things even (or if you don't want it to be even, visualize how you would like it to be). Bigger chunks will make bigger curls, which will weigh down a bit and may even turn out wavy rather than curly. Smaller curls are more corkscrew-like, and if combed a certain way can become very fluffy (which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what you're aiming for).


Curlers wigCredit: MaliceberryThen take a section of the hair, and comb it thoroughly again, before rolling it up in one of your curlers, being careful to make sure that the hair is not wrapped too tight or too loose. It also helps keep obvious dents from forming towards the top of the hair if you roll it away from yourself (see pic). Remember to make sure you take layers into account when putting the hair into curlers, such as top layers and bottom layers. Though, if you curl both layers into one, it can have a wavy effect towards the bottom of the wig, which can look lovely.


Finally, we get to the good part. Take your hair dryer and set it to high heat (or a lower heat if your patient and want to be more careful) and medium force. High force can pull stray hairs from the curlers and make flyaways everywhere which can tangle later. Aim the hair dryer at the curlers on the wig and hold it there until the curls are hot to the touch. This involves quite a bit of guess-work. Too much heat will make your curls tighter, too little heat will make them looser. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the curls to be exactly how you want them to be (though sometimes you may get lucky and get it right the first time!). Make sure to heat all of the curls as evenly as you can. You will have to move the hair dryer to heat the other curls sufficiently.

Wig curledCredit: Maliceberry

And now, we wait! You need to leave the curlers in the wig as it cools down. This is precisely why curling irons aren't as effective as curlers + heat. The curls need to cool down in the shape that they have been placed in, after being heated up. You can leave the wig on it's stand wherever you've been styling it, or you can place it in a cooler area for it to cool off faster, either way works! Check in periodically to see if they've cooled down, once you think they're cool enough, take out the curlers. Does it look the way you wanted it to? Then you can stop right there!


Are the curls a little too tight? Maybe a little too fluffy? Putting the hair dryer on it for a bit can relax them, but don't got overboard or they may straighten too much and you'll have to re-curl! It's also good to note that you can also put the wig in a tub/bowl of hot water to try and relax them more, though this has a bit more of a drastic effect.


Are the curls a little too relaxed? Too wavy and not really those bouncy curls you wanted? You should consider re-curling them and applying more heat than last time, and repeat the above process.


Wig finishedCredit: MaliceberryOnce you've gotten your wig the exact way you want it, get to wearing it! In my pic to the right, I actually had to relax the curls a bit, but I over-relaxed them and then had to re-curl them again. It should also be noted that I'm wearing clip-in ponytails, which I also curled using this method, so it's good for this style too!