It seems like everyone is trying to lose weight these days. From exercise programs to fad diets, we are willing to try anything to lose that next 10 pounds. It's important to remember that fad diets don't always work and starving yourself will only lead to binge eating later that could end up in a weight gain instead of a weight loss. Instead of trying to put yourself on a diet, decide to make a complete lifestyle change by making a few simple adjustments in the way you think about food.

Things You Will Need

Strong motivation and a will to succeed.

Step 1

Drink lots of water. Of course, you've heard this one before, but it really is true. Not only is it the healthiest drink you can have but it really does help you lose weight. Stay away from diet soda's. They may seem healthy, but the aspartame that is used in diet drinks can actually be harmful to your health.

Step 2

Eat four or five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. This keeps you from over stuffing yourself and will help to regulate your hunger throughout the day.

Step 3

We have all grown up with our mother's telling us to eat everything on our plate, but with a smaller plate in front of you, this habit doesn't have to be an unhealthy one. Instead of serving yourself up a large plate piled high with food, try using the smaller salad sized plates. You may find that your mind has been tricking you all along and that you can feel satisfied with a smaller portion of food.

Step 4

Skip the gourmet coffee shops that fill your cup with fattening milk, whipped cream, sugar and other high calorie additives. You can enjoy a home brewed cup of coffee with vanilla coy milk for a tasty breakfast drink that is low in calories and fat (and it's a heck of a lot cheaper too!).

Step 5

Don't eat when you are bored, upset or anxious about something. Many of our extra calories come from emotional eating such as this and can be avoided by keeping busy or staying away from the kitchen when we are upset about something. Instead of heading to the kitchen, head outdoors and go for a walk.

Step 6

Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy grazing foods for those impromptu snacks to keep you from searching the cabinets for unhealthy snacks. Fresh veggies, fruits and yogurt are great snacks that are low in calories and will keep you full longer than sugary substitutes.

Step 7

Add salsa's and herbal flavors to your foods rather than fatty sauces and creams. Leaving out the butter and creams will leave you with less calories and will also help your body digest foods a little easier.

Step 8

Don't eat or drink directly out of the container. I know, we've all grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer and just dug in until it completely disappeared. Don't give in! Always serve up your food and drinks in a glass or dish to discourage overeating and extra calories.

Step 9

Most restaurant meals are served in much larger portions than a single serving is meant to be. When eating out, ask for a "to-go" box before you even get your meal served to you. When it arrives, immediately take half of your meal and put it in the box. Enjoy the other half there and have the other half as another meal later in the week. Array

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