Clutter is one of the largest sources of lost productivity, waisted energy and frustration. Removing unused and unwanted things from around the home and office is one of the simplest and empowering ways to gain control. The steps to unclutter your environment are simple and the results will leave you wondering why didn't do it sooner.

Some eastern philosophical traditions suggest throwing away all your belongs every year. I'm not suggesting getting rid of all the things that you hold dear. Removing just 20% of the things you own can free up so much space and give opportunity for you to bring new things into your life. In fact just looking at the family tree of the ancient greek gods revels that The Void (or emptiness) was the original greek god and all else was created from him. In our own lives we cannot move forward without first making room to move.

In every home or office you have a collection of unused items. They could be old blunt knives, pens that don't work or dvd's that we are never going to watch. The steps to removing the clutter are as follows:

1. Work on one room at a time, focussing on one particular area.

2. Set aside a whole weekend to achieve your goal.

3. Have a large bin or trailer that you are prepared to take to the rubbish dump.

4. Expel everything that you can, if someone else owns an item put the responsibility on them to save it from the rubbish collection.

5. Take no prisoners, the more you get rid of the more freedom you'll feel and the great the opportunity for you to bring new things into your life.

6. Get an unbiased friend to help you, choose someone who has a passion for removing clutter.

7. Constantly repeat the mantra "WHEN IN DOUBT CHUCK IT OUT!"

While you remove unwanted items you may come across things that are sentimental like old photo albums. A great way to make the most of these important things is to convert them into digital format with a simple scanner. Old books are another thing that that is converted to digital form and read on ereaders like amazon's Kindle.

Once you've got rid of as many things as you possible can you now have the freedom to bring more interesting things back into your life. You can choose to attain possessions that represent who you really are now not the person you were 10 or 20 years ago. 

The chance to be truly choosy about what buy and own is truly liberating, the results of your new freedom will be felt throughout your life.