Cut Energy Costs

Energy costs are going up and it seems like our bills just keep getting bigger and bigger. If you want to keep your energy costs down and cut down your monthly bill, there are a few things that you can do to make your home retain heat or cool air more efficiently. Follow these tips and you should see a decrease in your energy costs on your next bill.

What you need:

* Attention to the thermostat in your home

* Blue Painters Tape

* Draft Guards for doors


*Pay attention to the thermostat in your house. Most people feel comfortable when it is at about 70 degrees, but if you turn it down to 68 degrees and leave it there, this will save you about 5% on your monthly energy bill.

*Figure out where air is leaking in and out of your home. The most common places are around doors and windows, so if you feel a draft, put some weather stripping around doors and windows. It also helps to get a draft guard or sock. These can be placed at the base of your door when it is closed so that air cannot escape through the bottom of the door. If you don't have one of these, it also helps to pull a rug up a little bit onto the bottom of the door to prevent air from going through.

*Feel around your electrical outlets that are on outside walls of your home. Air may be escaping through them as well. If this is the case, just use some painter's tape to seal around the edges of the outlet.

*Close your blinds and curtains. This will keep the warm air in and the cold air out, or vice versa for summer months. If you don't want to do this during the day, at least try it at night. It will save you some money. Also try to use heavier curtains that work as an insulator.

*Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees to lower your energy costs. Anything above that is a waste. You can also turn it down to the lowest setting when you go on vacation.

*Use cold water to wash your clothes. It is a lot more efficient and works just as well on clothes.