You can cut spending and save money every month regardless of whether we are in a recession or a depression.

Raise your deductibles on your car insurance to cut spending and save money. If you don't drive often, have a good driving record and are a safe driver this is a viable option.

Ask people who live nearby and either work with you, or close to you, if they would like to set up a carpool. In many of the larger cities people can also choose to take public transportation to work. Either choice helps cut spending on fuel and parking fees.

Research and change cable service providers to cut down on internet and cable television costs. Determine what your needs really are, you may save simply by not bundling your services.

Determine how many cell phones you honestly need and what type of plan. For example, a stay at home parent may only need to have a pay as you go plan because the phone would only be needed while running errands in case of an emergency. Do you really need a more expensive plan that includes long distance when you have long distance on your land line? Or, consider giving up your land line phone in favor of a cell phone.

Pack your lunch to cut spending. Eating out in general can be done less often and you will be amazed at how quickly the savings add up. There are also a number of brands that sell wonderful flavored coffees, so get a good travel mug and cut out the costs of coffee shops.

Cancel your gym memberships if you don't go more than a couple times a week. This is an often overlooked method of saving money.

Cancel magazine, audio book and book club subscriptions. These are also often overlooked expenses that many can't justify. The amount paid may seem small, but it adds up quickly

Cut your own grass and trim your own bushes to cut spending. This will also give you a form of exercise once you cancel that unused gym membership.

Buy generic items. Most generic products are made by the name brand companies but are cheaper because they don't come in the pretty packaging.

Turn off lights that aren't being used, set your thermostat higher when the air conditioning is in use or lower when using heat. A difference of 2 degrees either way will cut spending and you will be able to save money. Do one thing at a time. Why are the television and stereo on while you are reading this?