How to cut weight

How much weight can you drop in just one hour?

Personally, I’ve cut down 8 pounds in one hour. It might sound unbelievable, but the truth is that sometimes fighters and wrestlers cut as much as twenty to thirty pounds the day before they weigh-in. Kind of crazy, I know.

So why do people need to cut weight for MMA and combat sports? Well, a long time ago some really smart guy had a really great idea about how to cheat the system, and compete against guys in a lower weight class. He knew if he could dehydrate his body, eliminating as much water from his body as possible right before weigh-ins, that he could rehydrate before the fight and come in much bigger than his opponent. Hence the creation of weight cutting! Now, you can go out and smash some little guy to pieces. Hey, “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,” I always say!

Today, cutting weight is still not considered cheating, and it has even become essential to compete at a high level. Why? Because everyone is doing it! Therefore, if you’re not cutting weight you will be competing against some giant mammoth. You don’t want to be the little guy getting smashed to pieces do you?

There are many ways to cut weight. Some people like to throw on a sweat suit and go running while others like to sit in the sauna room for hours. I don’t care for either of these ideas, and let me tell you why.

Running in a sweat suit will make you sweat and cut the weight, but you’re burning your legs out the day before your fight! That’s crazy to me! You should be resting and relaxing, saving your energy for the main event.

So what about cutting weight in a sauna?

Well, this option is better than running in my opinion, however what I don’t like about this is your heating up the computer! You know your brain!
Your head is getting hot and losing water along with the rest of your body in the sauna. The water around your brain reduces the ability of your body to regulate temperature, heating up your brain.

My personal theory then is that you should heat up your body while keeping your mind cool, in addition to resting your body. 

I don’t like to cut a ton of weight before a fight, but will usually drop about ten to twelve pounds right before I weigh-in. When I say right before, I mean right before. I want my body dehydrated for the shortest amount of time possible, then, re-hydrate. I don’t believe in two and three day cuts. This is excessively long to have your body dehydrated and stressed out. You might as well spend a few days walking around in the desert without any water while you’re at it. Cutting weight is not good for you, really, and in my opinion, the shorter amount of time you have to do it, the better.

Now, let me also say that there is no perfect way to cut weight, only the perfect way for you! If something works great for you then by all means, use it! However, here is the way I cut weight and it works well for me. I can usually cut about 8 pounds in one hour with this method.

Cutting Weight

Begin by eliminating all of the sodium from your body, 5 days before your weigh-ins.
Five days before your weigh-ins, drink at least two gallons of water.
Two days before you weigh-in only drink one gallon of water.
The last day before weigh-ins, drink very little water, just enough to be comfortable.
24 hours before your weigh-ins, no water or just a few sips here and there.

Using this method, you should urinate about four to six pounds. The more you can urinate, the less time you will have to spend actually cutting the weight.  Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to cut the weight but not too much time to where you’re standing there for hours dying of dehydration. A perfect weight cut is done when you hit your desired weight thirty minutes before your weigh-ins start.
Just enough time to drive where you need to go.

Albolene (a women’s make-up remover)
A good sweat suit
Epsom salt
Rubbing Alcohol
Bathroom Scale

Always make sure you have someone helping you and keeping an eye on you! Little brothers and training partners are prefect. You are now ready to cut the weight!
Just remember to start slow until you learn how to cut the weight properly.

  • Fill the tub with hot water.
  • Add one 20 lb. bag of normal Epsom salt.
  • Add 4-8 bottles of rubbing alcohol
  • Apply the Albolene to your entire body.
  • Soak in the tub for 30-minutes (relaxing music helps).
  • Get out of the tub and dry of.
  • Apply more Albolene and get into your sweat suit.
  • Lie down in a comfortable place and cover your body with blankets.
  • You may choose to cover your head with a towel. Stay here for 30 minutes.

That’s it! When done properly you should lose 7-9 pounds!
To cut more weight, just repeat the process or add additional time to either of the above two stages. For example, if I was cutting 12 pounds, I might stay in the bath for forty minutes and then stay in the sweat suit with blankets on me for forty or fifty minutes.    

Re-hydrating is very important. You will be very, very thirsty and tempted to start chugging water and Gatorade. DON’T. Doing so will fill your stomach fast and not allow you to take in enough fluids to rehydrate properly. It’s much better to allow yourself normal amounts of fluid every thirty minutes until your body is feeling normal. Do the same with your food. Prepare some small meals and set an alarm for one hour. Once it’s been a few hours, you can begin to take in more food. I would also suggest increasing the amount of sodium you ingest, as this will help your body to hold water. You shouldn’t stop drinking water until your urine becomes clear again.

I hope this article will help to teach you the basics of cutting weight. Be sure to continue to seek out professional methods and others with successful advice. Good luck and happy weight cutting!

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