Tips To Get In Shape For Wrestling

Cutting weight is not the easiest job in the world! For many wrestlers trimming body fat can be the hardest goal to reach. By implementing these 7 easy steps I have outlined below you will be able to see and increase in performance and start burning fat in no time! So, let’s get started;


1.)    Full Body Workouts – Those that train for bodybuilding will find that splitting your workout routines to suite each body part work better, yet for burning fat for wrestlers, full body workouts are much better. So when training, put a workout together that takes the whole body into consideration.

2.)    Interval Training – For wrestlers, cardio need to be intense enough to mimic a full wrestling match. So for instance if you like using the treadmill or rowing machine for cardio workouts, why not try and go as fast as you possibly can for a minute then do 30 second to a minute of slow running/rowing. In a real wrestling match you won’t be giving 100% for the whole fight, and equally you won’t be having an easy ride for the whole fight either! So try and relate your cardio training to a real wrestling match.

3.)    Eat Small More Frequent Meals – Like all types of training, whether it be for wrestling, bodybuilding, weight loss or any other type of training, learning how to eat properly is the key to your success. Your body burns calories all day long, so by giving your body more frequent smaller meals, you will be providing your body with the calories it needs to get stronger, leaner and have energy for longer periods of time.

4.)    Learn To Prioritize Muscles You Need – Like I said before, when developing your training programs specifically targeting towards cutting fat for wrestling, you need to work the whole body out. However, there are certain muscles you will use more than others so learn to prioritize these muscles.

5.)    The Wrestler’s Formula For Cutting Body Fat – Take your current body weight, and multiply this number by 13. The number you end up with; will be the LEAST amount of calories you need to consume every day. This is to stop your body entering the “Starvation mode”. This will also help you regulate your metabolism, which is vital to cutting fat.

6.)    Use Glutamine – Glutamine is highly recommended by many of the industries top athletes for cutting fat. Glutamine has a muscle sparing effect when calories are restricted, as it takes a few weeks to ‘kick in’.

7.)    Planning – This is the single most important step before you start cutting fat for wrestling. You must plan exactly what you will eat within the next coming weeks or months (however you plan your meals and training workouts), and what each workout will look like. Planning you meals and workouts, allows you not only to be comfortable with what your are doing, but also allows to complete your weeks properly, missing nothing out. Be honest with yourself.


So there we have it, some great fat cutting techniques to use. Remember, you need to plan your meals and training programs in advance to make sure you reach your goals.

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Oh, before I forget…..there’s no time like the present.