Most of us have gone to parties and danced. If you haven't danced at a party, it's most likely that you haven't because you are nervous to shake your booty (if you haven't danced because you're never sober at parties, you're on you're own).

So if you're on the boat with all the nervous people who haven't danced, I'd say it's about time you abandoned ship and joined every other fish in the sea.

Things You Will Need

-- Confidence

-- Your Legs

-- The ability to move around

-- A dancing partner (Optional, but highly recommended)

Step 1


That's the main ingredient in dancing at parties. You need to have confidence. How do you gain confidence? Usually by experience--yes, that means that you are normally confident if you've done whatever it is you're doing several times. Yes, I'm telling you to just get out there and dance.

It's not easy at first; you feel awkward. Some people take a drink of their favorite alcoholic beverage (remember not to get tipsy. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to dance, but you might yak on Bubba's shoes...and I don't know how to survive fights with Bubba).

Just get out there and dance. Yes, you might look weird, but in reality, you just think you look weird. If you're out there having a good time, smiling, and laughing, no one is really going to say anything. Why? Because most people are busy dancing. Remember that the people that do laugh at you will normally not be dancing. So, just smile and laugh at the fact that they aren't as brave as you are and have a good time.

Step 2


Okay, so maybe I lied a little bit about how if you just smile and have a good time everything will be all right. Well, no. Sometimes you do need some technique because if a waltz starts playing and you're trying to move your body like Shakira, it'll be a disaster.

Depending on the speed of the song, try stepping side to side or swaying your body along with the rhythm. This can be before you get out on the dance floor. Just practice moving to the rhythm of the music.

Wht's also important is the type of music that's playing. If you have the beat down, but don't know exaclty how to dance salsa or merengue, try imitating Rico Suave out there on the dance floor. Sure, you may not pick up his every whirl and twirl, but just keep in mind on how he moves.

Step 3


If you actually want to be a better dancer, you can practice. If you really wanna be like that Spanish dancer on TV, then you can take dance classes. If not, just watch videos, play some music, and dance at home. For guys, this may seem a bit awkward. But, practice is practice, and it works.

Step 4


Dancing with friends at a party is great because they're not gonna laugh at you (and if you they do, you should be able to laugh with them. If not, I consider reading an article on how to get new friends).

If you bring a dance partner of the opposite sex, it works even better, because you won't have to bother looking for a partner there. And, it won't be (as) embarrassing if you can't dance well because you at least have somebody to dance with.

Well, that's pretty much it. Main thing is, be confident. Don't let other people keep you from having a good time. If you want to get out there and dance, then by gosh, go ahead and do it. In no time, you'll be competing with Rico Suave to be king of the dance floor at the party.

Tips & Warnings

Careful where you dance. Try not to hit people or step on others' feet when dancing.

Don't drink too much

Just be confident