If you want to date a Japanese or Korean lady then how might you go about it? Here are some options for dating Japanese or Korean ladies.

Living in Japan or South Korea

By far the easiest way to find a wife from Japan or South Korea is to live and work in these countries for at least 6 months. There are many Western expats living and working in both countries. If you have a professional job in areas such as IT, finance or manufacturing then you might be able to find a job in these countries. It's easier to find a job if you have some knowledge of the local language.

Failing that it's possible to find temporary work as English language teachers. There are various qualifications you can obtain in order to teach English as a foreign language. If you have an official qualification then you stand a better chance of finding a well paid teaching job.

Date a Japanese or Korean Lady in Your Own Country

There are significant Korean populations in a number of Western countries, including the USA, Canada and the UK. So you might not need to travel to Asia to meet a lovely Korean lady.

Use an Asian Dating Site

There are a wide range of Asian dating websites. However, you'll find that the majority of ladies on them are from either China, Thailand or the Philippines.

Japanese ladies are quite shy, and they wouldn't dream of going anywhere near the mail order bride type Asian dating sites.

Two sites where you will find plenty of Japanese and Korean ladies are JapanCupid and Korean Cupid. The sites are run by the same company called Cupid Media. The company has a good reputation and the sites are more safe and secure than most other Asian dating sites. Both have free membership options so you can sign up and find the Asian girl of your dreams. If you're serious about finding a Japanese or Korean wife then you'll want to sign up for a paid membership subscription. This shows the ladies you're serious about finding a partner. Your profile will also be listed before the free members in the search results. As well as this you'll be able to contact the female members.

Reasons for Dating Japanese or Korean Ladies

If you want an Asian wife then there are a lot of Asian dating sites where you can meet them. However, once you've spent a bit of time on these sites then you'll quickly realise that the majority of the Asian ladies on these sites are from Thailand, China or the Philippines. These ladies are often very lovely, but there are problems with ladies from these countries:

  • They are often from poor backgrounds so you can never be sure if they are marrying for love or for economic reasons.
  • There are a fair number of dating site scammers from these countries, particularly from the Philippines and Thailand.
  • Ladies from these countries (particularly Chinese and Thai ladies) can find it hard to travel overseas. Consequently they often have little idea of what it would be like to marry a Western man and live with him in a Western countries.

Japanese and South Korean ladies will be much more Westernised than the ladies from these other Asian countries.

On the downside, Japan and South Korea are much more expensive to visit. South Korea is considerably cheaper to visit than Japan.

How did I do on Japan Cupid? I didn't get lucky here, which was a shame. I did have a lot more luck on the Chinese equivalent - Chinese Love Links. Is there a moral here?

Good luck with finding beautiful Japanese or Korean ladies, but don't forget Chinese ladies either.