So you want to date a Vampire?

Fall in love with a vampire

Vampires are all the rage right now and everyone is trying to get their hands on one. Dating a vampire could be no easy feat, but if you're willing to take the risk, then your dream may come true! You just never know when a vampire is around you, or interacting with you. Hey, maybe a vampire even has their eye on you and you're ready to make the first move? Just remember to be careful and not to put yourself in situations that are *too* dangerous.

Things You Will Need

a vampire

Step 1

Vampires drink blood If you want to date a vampire, my first advice is to not be friends with a werewolf. Werewolves are smelly and they will make you smelly. Who wants the Vampire you're after to think that you smell awful? I'm sure no one does. So the first step is to make sure that you smell appetizing to a Vampire. Yes, the Vampire will probably think that you smell delicious and want to bite you, but hey, YOU SMELL GREAT, so who cares? :)

Step 2

Eye the vampire while they are around you. Make sure you're giving them the "I want you" eyes! They fall for that every time. It let's them know that you are ever so interested in becoming food dating them. Don't let anyone, besides the vampire, see you doing this though, they may become suspicious of your actions.

Step 3

Stalk the Vampire and watch their daily activities. If you see them bite someone, don't worry, it is just their feeding time. There is no need to be alarmed! :) Learn where the Vampire lives and stake out that area frequently. You may see a lot more Vampires than you planned on seeing, but this is normal, because Vampires need to socialize, too!

Step 4

Get up the courage to talk to the Vampire. Are they smiling and showing their fangs? That means they are very interested in you! Congratulations, you have gained the attention of a vampire! Now, you have to keep them interested. Ask them out on a date. Make sure the date is somewhere nice and isolated. You want to have your privacy, don't you?

Step 5

Vampire bite After your date, tease them a little bit let them know how you feel about them. Ask the Vampire about their lifestyle and what it is like to be a vampire. This let's the vampire know that you actually care about who they are. Now comes the part where the Vampire will either kiss you or bite you. If they kiss you, then you have won the affections of a vampire! You are probably safe from everyone, because a Vampire will just bite them to protect you! :D If the vampire bites you, then you will either be dead, or become a vampire yourself. Hopefully, for your sake, they don't decide to eat you.
Hopefully, this will help you win the affections of a vampire, maybe even one like Edward Cullen. If it doesn't, then the vampire probably doesn't even know you exist, I'm Sorry.

Tips & Warnings

FYI: vampires are not real.