If you have decided that this is the year to get organized, but just can’t seem to get started, then start with something small but just as irritating, your bedside table.

If you are a nighttime reader, watch TV or do your nails in bed, things tend to accumulate on this nightstand and can cause stress.  You don’t realize just how much stress can be caused by clutter until you clean it away and you feel better and more in control just from getting rid or a few items.

It is positively amazing how good it can feel to be able to find things and have clean surfaces before you go to bed.

Having a cluttered bedside table means it is a pain when it comes to dusting, and it just makes everything feel untidy.  So, if you wanted to get your home in order this year, start small and work from there.  The best way to keep this under control is to have a “home” for everything.

Step 1 – Get a garbage bag and/or recycling bag and a cleaning cloth and head to your bedroom.  Start by throwing out anything obvious such as crumpled tissues, papers, receipts you don’t need (especially true if you empty your pockets on the night stand).  If there is a drawer, pull it out onto the bed and dump it out and start throwing things out.

Step 2 – Create a small pile on the bed for things you want to keep.  Put like with like, such as all the remotes together if you watch TV and also DVDs and have a TV guide as well as a couple of remotes for example.

Pile your change into one spot.  Go through your books and magazines and pile up the ones you are presently reading and get rid of the others as they simply cause a large pile of clutter.  Don’t simply put them on the floor either.  If the magazine is done, throw it in recycling and put the books on a bookshelf if you like to keep them or simply donate them.

Step 3 – Give the surface of your night stand a good clean and clean the lamp as well as the drawer.

Step 4 – Once everything is clean, it is time to decide what will live on your bedside table.  Put the lamp back first and then really look at the things you want to have near you.

If you simply do not have that big a surface then it is time to go shopping for some “storage aids” to help keep things under control.

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Bedside Storage - Bed Caddy

This actually works out quite well for anyone that reads or watches TV in bed.  This pocket pouch will fit between your mattresses and is easy to get at.  You can store TV remotes and your glasses and even a few books in this pocket.

This will keep things off the surface of your nightstand and off the floor.  You could then keep that surface clear with minimal items, such as the lamp, alarm clock and a small box of tissues.  This will just look so much better when you climb into bed and when you wake up.

Having an organized surface such as the bedside table will help create calm instead of chaos.  Which also makes your once a week cleaning much easier.

Trinket Tray

You could head to the dollar store or shop online and find a trinket tray that can house your nail polishes, or night creams or even your change.  Take a good look at the things you want to keep in the drawer or on the surface and then take a look at the many storage suggestions you can find online and get the one that best suits your things.  Put a few little baskets in the drawer for smaller items.

Get Rid of Knick Knacks

As cute as many of them are, do you really want to spend all day Saturday cleaning them?  No, take a good look at them, and pick the ones you like the best and would like to display and then donate the rest or if you simply can’t part with them, box them up and put them in a drawer somewhere.

Knick Knacks can make a room look very cluttered and busy.  You want this room to be your refuge from the chaos of the world, so keep the surfaces clean and as clear as possible.  Find a home for the things you do want to keep.

When your things have a place to live, your room is easy to clean and is much more inviting.

Waste Basket

If you tend to use a lot of tissues and things in your bedroom, then consider getting a cute waste paper basket that is near your bed so that you can pitch anything like tissues and cotton balls as soon as you have used them, instead of accumulating them on your bedside table with the intensions of “moving them later”.  Later just doesn’t seem to happen.

Water Glass

If you like to have a glass of water near your bed, then make sure you have it on a coaster and try and get into the habit of taking it into the kitchen as you leave your room in the morning.  This way you don’t start accumulating glasses of water or get water rings on the surface.

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Bedside Storage Shelf

If you have a small bedroom then your nightstand is either small or non-existent.  There are lots of cool options on the market now for storage ideas and combining things such as lamps and tables or using your bed frame as a storage option.

Take a good look at your night time habits and see which products would work best for you to give you the clean lines you are looking for and to make life just less chaotic in the bedroom.  Keep all your surfaces clean with minimal knick knacks and products and you will not look at cleaning day as such a chore.  A quick wipe or dusting and sweep the floor and you will be done.Bedside LampCredit: Amazon.com

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