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Rejection, in its many forms, can be quite a drag. You may be rejected at work, in relationships, in social groups and other settings but the feeling is similar in so many ways. But the truth is, it is not about who rejected you and what they did, it is all about how you bounce back from that rejection. That being said, here are tips on how to deal with getting rejected. 

Tip # 1: It’s Nothing Personal

Keep on reminding yourself about this. Whatever kind of rejection you are dealing with, remember that you were not rejected because of who you are. It is all about their standards and those that you did not meet. If you take it personally, chances are you will feel like every single thing you sign up for is a failure already. It affects your self-esteem and a low level of self-worth is never going to turn out okay. 

Tip #2: There is a Better Reason

 Everything happens for a reason. It may sound cliché, but when one door closes, another one opens. Always think that this rejection you are going through at the moment is an opportunity for you to try out other things; potentially, better things. Getting rejected is never a reason to give up. 

Tip #3: Room for Improvement

Exclusion from some sort of application will make you realize that you still have a lot of things to do improve in. This kind of realization is never a negative one because it allows you to assess your skills and perk them up or, even better, discover new skills hidden underneath. 

Tip #4: Redirect Your Focus

You will really get depressed and will probably never get over the blues if you don’t divert your attention to something else. Use the energy you have in productive things instead of wallowing in your sadness. According to psychologists, this is the most effective way to forget about any kind of rejection. For example, instead of staying under your sheets all day and listening to sappy, sad love songs

Tip #5: Be Objective

Analyze the situation with maturity. Don’t think subjectively. Try to go to the core of why rejection was the end result. Don’t start to blame other people or yourself. Look at the bigger picture. Review the standards. See why this had to happen while setting aside emotions and people.

Tip #6: Have a Back Up Plan

This is not the end. It never is. If things do not work out for you yet, then it just means that you are not in the finish line yet. Thus, it pays to always plan for the next step, and then the next, and then the next one after that. This way, even future rejections would not be so harsh anymore. This is basically placing a mattress on your back so you can fall back on it and then bounce back up. 

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The pain of rejection can be quite unimaginable for some people. It is one of the most terrible things that you could go through and it will crash you into pieces, only if you let it! So don't let it! Keep your head up and keep on trying.