Stress is a positive emotion in small amount, but to much of it can effect your life in a negative way. Follow these steps to handle stress more effectively.

Things You Will Need

One way to relieve stress is by doing something you truly enjoy. Ask yourself what you have loved doing in the past that you might not have done lately. Fishing? Walks? Exercise? Watching a movie? Find something you enjoy and devote an entire evening or weekend doing it.

Step 1

Create a buffer zone in your schedule. Running from one place to another all day 7 days a week would send anyone into a stress induced coma. Take some time out and relax. Do all your grocery shopping on a Sunday morning instead of four times a week after a hard day at work.

Step 2

Get away. Take a week vacation to Mexico, take a longer lunch break, sleep in on the weekend, go on a picnic. If you don't treat yourself who will?!?!

Step 3

Pay attention to stressors that can sneak up on you. These stressors can be feel minor but over a long period of time turn stressful. Be aware of the minor irritating behaviors that can build up and cause you to explode if you don't defuse the tension. Sitting to long at a computer can cause stress on your brain, muscles, joints, and eyes.

Step 4

Monitor your stress and see if you can recognize what is the cause of it. Serious stress can cause you to pull away from co-workers and family, get sick more easily, have trouble sleeping, and become easily irritated.

Tips & Warnings