I have held many jobs in my time and there is one thing that drives me absolutely nuts, a coworker that doesn't pull their weight!  It can be incredibly frustrating to pour your heart and soul into your work and watch your lazy fellow employee put in half the effort and skate by.

When you deal with a fellow employee that acts like this it can be really frustrating.  You may want to yell and scream at them, however this may not be the best option.  If you let them get to you it will only get worse.

As you work really hard on a project they may just sit there and let you do all the work!  They may even have the guts to make a suggestion on how you could do something better.  All of these things will anger you, but you will need to find a way to deal with it!  

The employee in question may spend all of their time browsing social media websites, or talking to their friends via text message.  They may take extra long lunches or spend an excessive amount of time chatting with fellow office mates.  All of this while you are working really hard.   Your best bet is to document all of these times and take them to your superior.

The reason you want to document these events is that when you go to your boss it becomes your word against theirs, this may not go well for you.  If you attack the other employee and they simple deny it you could be the one that ends up getting in trouble.  

To document this just take note in your head of whats going on and then keep a journal when you get to a private place.  Just jot down the time, date, and the activity that took place.

Once you have this information if you feel confident enough you could try first talking with your coworker.  Maybe they don't realize they are really slacking or maybe they didn't realize it bothered you so much.  Most of your fellow employees will be understanding and apologize for their actions.  

If your personal talk with the culprit goes well, be sure to still keep a log if anything goes wrong.  Some people might apologize just to get you off their back.  

If you do not feel comfortable talking with the lazy co-worker you can go right to your boss.  Be sure to bring your very organized log book with you.  Mentioning some of  these activities that you have written down may trigger a memory in your bosses head and they may have seen it themselves.  Since you have all the evidence things should get better within the work place for you.

After your boss speaks with your coworker be sure to take them aside and explain why you did this.  Don’t apologize, just let them know how their lack of effort has made work less enjoyable for you!  Remember they may have just been reprimanded by their boss so they could be angry with you.  If this is the case just save it for another time.

No matter which way you deal with it be sure to do something quick!  A lazy employee can spread like the plaque and where there is one there are many!  Not only is it frustrating but your anger and frustration can keep you from doing your job correctly.  There really is not place for a lazy person in the workplace.