Having a friend who envies you can be very difficult on both sides. You are left feeling like you want to help but have no way to do so. And the friend has jealously issues of you because he wants your superior quality. There is a way to do with an envious friend and this article will teach you how.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Before that, you should never become friends with other people who may be envious of you. If they appear like they are jealous of your accomplishments, get away from them at all costs. There is nothing worse then having an entire gang of jealous people friends.

Step 2

You should first figure out if your friend really is jealous of your. Look at how he or she reacts when you are being praised. It could be a very small reaction like a facial glance, be perceptive.

Step 3

If you ask them about something that you would want to do in the future and they say things like "you wish" "you can't do that, it's impossible" or "you are not good enough" then they are envious of you. If you are being praised by other people and your 'friend' is saying the opposite he is envious.

Step 4

You should talk to each other one on one about your issues with each other. If it does not work out, forget about them.

Step 5

Try talking to some of your other friends and ask for advice on what you should do. Also, ask them if they see that your friend is envious. Sometimes we can't see everything for ourselves and we might be paranoid.

Step 6

If it continues to be a burden on your relationship as friends and you think the two of you are better off being away from each other, do. You will have to make that judgment for yourself.

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