At some point during middle or high school there is a good chance you are going to come across at least one teacher who seems unfair to you.  Maybe this teacher is only treating you unfairly, or maybe the teacher is treating the whole class unfairly.  Either way, you shouldn’t let this interfere with your education, and you should definitely  do something about it!  Here are the steps you should take when dealing with an unfair teacher.

1) Talk to Your Teacher - I would say in around ninety percent of cases, the teacher doesn’t realize that you feel they are being unfair.  If you take a few moments either before or after school to sit down with your teacher and explain what is bothering you, it may make a world of difference.

2) Talk to Your Parents - Your parents are going to be your best supporters, because they care about you and your education.  Best of all, they have most likely gone through this before and can tell you their opinion on the situation as well as what they think you should do.

3) Talk to Your Guidance Councilor - You can either do this yourself or with your parents.  Schedule a time to have a talk with your guidance councilor and see if there is anything they can do.  Usually, they will either go and talk to the teacher and explain your opinion to them, or they will go to the principal if they think the situation requires it.

4) Meet With the Principal - If all else fails, you can always make an appointment to speak with your principal directly.  Remember, your job is not to try to get your teacher fired, no matter how unfair they are being.  That will only make you seem immature.  If the situation needs it, the school district will decide that themselves.

  Hopefully, after following these steps, you have solved your problem with your teacher.  If not, the best option is to ask to change to the same class taught be another teacher.  If this option is not available, and your teacher is still giving you a hard time, you might want to consider going straight to the school board.  Remember though, only take this step if both you and your parents think the issue is serious enough, but also remember you are entitled to fair grading as well, so don’t give up!